10 Minutes to LinkedIn Success

Still think LinkedIn success is just for job hunters? Think again. Daily LinkedIn usage is a must for boosting visibility and strengthening professional connections. In just 10 minutes a day – a fraction of the time you already spend scrolling Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds – you could be building your professional authority on LinkedIn. You’ll stay current in your field, grow your network, and establish yourself as a thought leader. And you can do all this in 10 minutes. Really.

If you’re not actively job searching, it’s tempting to throw up your professional information and then leave it alone until you do need a job. Don’t. Adopt these three simple habits for LinkedIn success:

Daily 10-minute habit: interact with your feed.

Stay on the pulse of industry news by checking your feed each day. Stuck in a slow moving Starbucks line? Still waiting for everyone to join the conference call? Instead of scrolling through Facebook or Twitter, scroll through LinkedIn. Interacting with your feed truly takes just a few minutes. Congratulate a connection for landing a big promotion or new position. Like an article or infographic a connection shares. Scroll the headlines on LinkedIn insights. Did the author miss something relevant to your industry? What would you add? Post a short comment or re-share. Less than 10 minutes a day and you’re done. Yep, that was easy!

Weekly 10-minute habit: contribute to groups.

LinkedIn Groups are like a virtual watercooler: you can pick up a lot of insider buzz and opinions. But, like a real life networking group, you get what you put in. Contributing to large, well-known groups can help you establish yourself as an industry authority. Stay on the sidelines and you’ll remain a relative unknown. Before you post, update yourself on what’s currently discussed and what’s already been said. Avoid the potential embarrassment of posting a comment that’s redundant or simply inaccurate. New to a group? Introduce yourself and briefly mention what you’re most interested in learning from the group. Focus on a few groups at a time and grow your participation from there.

Monthly 10-minute habit: keep your profile fresh.

Don’t wait until you’re job hunting to give your LinkedIn profile a refresh. Keep track of changing job responsibilities, accomplishments, and projects and update your profile accordingly. Remember, recruiters and hiring managers often scan LinkedIn when searching for potential job candidates. If your profile is outdated and doesn’t reflect your current skill level, you could be passed over for potential jobs. Don’t let your profile stagnate!

Bonus: Reconnect with an old contact.

When you’re updating your profile at the end of the month, scroll through your contact list. Haven’t talked to Chris since you guys were cubicle mates four years ago? Or how about Amy, who helped you learn the ropes at your first job out of college? Don’t wait until you need a job connection or recommendation to get back in touch. Check in with a few older contacts each month. Congratulate them on a promotion or new job, ask how they’re doing, share a recent update of your own, or (if you’re in the same city) suggest grabbing coffee to catch up. When you make a habit of doing this with older but important contacts, it will feel a lot less awkward when you do reach out for a recommendation or job lead. Plus, you never know what job help might come up over a casual cup of coffee!LinkedIn

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