21 Handshake Report: The Mobile Natives (Gen Z)


Who is Gen Z?

Gen Z are teens ranging in age from 13 – 17 and while millennials were mobile pioneers, Gen Z are mobile natives.

Why should you care?

Google in a partnership with Ipsos, has just released some fascinating stats on this generation and how they use mobile.

Here are a few that stood out to our 21 Handshake team:

  • 78% of Gen Z use a Smartphone
    71% of Gen Z spend 3+ hours of time wathing video on their mobile devices
    68% of Gen Z makes purchases online via their phoneAnd one more…among age groups surveyed Gen Z was the only group who said that Ads influenced their purchasing decision.


What to do next? 

This young group is a generation that is very connected on mobile Рand it is their priority. It is not just a luxury to have a phone Рit is a necessity and it is a part of their lifestyle. As marketers, as businesses we need to be aware of this age groups behavior on their smartphone. Gen Z habits will continue to shape how we as businesses will need to respond to them in the future as their buying power continues to increase with age (or even in a secondary sense who they are influencing to make purchases for them).

Will we eventually only need a mobile strategy? Time will tell.

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