3 Steps to Write the Perfect About Us Page


It’s hard to talk about yourself, isn’t it? You might be afraid you’re not saying enough, or that the story you’re telling is boring, or worse – that you’re coming across like you’re bragging. Introductions are basically throwing a handful of ideas at a new, unexamined wall and seeing what sticks – simply put, it’s a little nerve wracking! While the process may be uncomfortable, don’t be tempted to take the easy way out and put up the same old page as the rest of the industry. Nix the forced smiling headshots and ho-hum mission statements: your About Us page should have the same conversion goals as any other page on your site. If you’re not sure how to write a page that avoids these tropes, here’s where to start:

Start With Them, Not You

It may seem strange by starting off with your customers, but people are inherently drawn to descriptions and tones that resonate with them personally. Industry expert Moz suggests devoting the first few lines to discussing the struggles and difficulties experienced by your target audience; by getting them “hooked” with an agreement, they’ll be more invested in the rest of your story. They’ll also begin their consideration with a reminder that they come first in your eyes – and that’s an encouraging first step. If you’re having trouble finding the right tone to use, ask your largest or most prolific customer how your service made their business better and build from there.

Treat it Like an Elevator Pitch

Why are you different from your competitors? Your page needs to communicate your story in a genuine, meaningful way. The term “show, don’t tell,” definitely applies here; take the reader on a journey through your beginnings and give them room to imagine them. Don’t talk about the garage your business started in, talk about the frustration the founder’s dad had about having to park his car on the street. Don’t be afraid to be a little self-effacing, as well – it’s alright to talk about small, early stumbles as long as you give equal page time to how much progress you’ve made since then. You want to have the kind of honest presentation and conversation you’d have with a friend over dinner, but without wandering so far afield that you’d make more formal buyers nervous.

Staying Human

You’ll want to portray your company’s solutions as the right ones, but that doesn’t mean you need to take the human aspect out of your About Us page. Talking about individual team members and what they can do for your customers gives your readers more anchor points to connect with and explore. If you sell to or work with small businesses, short histories of your up-and-coming team members will show browsers and buyers alike that there’s a lot of common B2B ground to wander. Short, entertaining anecdotes are great for holding interest and building brand image, particularly when they’re introduced with multiple forms of media – a casual introduction video, a gif of your machinery or product in action, and so on.

Your About Us page isn’t a placeholder or an annoying piece of mandatory site design – it’s a valuable platform for better connections and conversions among your B2B audience. Just like headers, side bars, and blogs, it’s priceless real estate when it comes to capturing buyer attention, so make sure you aren’t wasting it or ignoring it entirely.

You can’t speak to every single prospect in your field, but your About Us page is already on the job. What is yours saying about you right now? Is it cohesive? Is the data up to date? Does the writing match your brand tone? If you’re not sure about any of these, it’s time to pull together a solid copywriting or marketing team to give your About Us page the thorough overhaul it deserves.

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