4 Mistakes You’re Making with Your LinkedIn Company Page That Are Costing You Leads

Your LinkedIn company page is your business’s central hub on LinkedIn. It’s where LinkedIn members go to learn more about your company, stay up to date on company news, and find out about employment opportunities. But it’s not all a static, one-way flow of information. You can also use your business’s page to start a conversation with current clients, prospective customers, and industry peers. It’s these conversations that can ultimately lead to new sales leads, customers and clients. Nearly half of all marketers have found at least one new lead via LinkedIn, reports Hubspot. Have you?

LinkedIn generates the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate for any social media channel– a rate that’s 277 percent higher than Facebook and Twitter, according to Hubspot. If your page isn’t converting (or worse, you don’t even have a page) you’re could be making a major mistake that’s costing you leads. Watch out for these four common mistakes:

Mistake #1: Not having a company page.

Repeat after me: I will set up a company page! More than 80 percent of LinkedIn users say they want to connect with new companies. But only 57 percent of companies have actually set up a page. If you don’t have a page, no one can connect with you!

If you have not done so already, it takes less than 60 seconds to set up a company page. From the main menu bar at the top, select “Interests”, click “Companies”, and then click the yellow “Create” button on the right side bar. Anything you post to your company’s page will also appear in your follower’s homepage feed.

Mistake #2: Not checking your page stats.

It’s hard to improve performance if you don’t even establish a performance baseline! Check your analytics tab to see who’s visiting your page, following your company, and engaging in your conversation. Next, set performance milestones that are aligned with your brand’s overarching marketing strategy. Is your goal to build awareness around a new product or service? Do you want to gain greater industry authority for you company’s brand or build out a specific area of expertise?

Mistake #3: Not publishing the right content to attract leads.

Last year, LinkedIn made a big play to become a full-on content ecosystem in its own right, opening its long-form publication platform up to everyone. This means that while having a strong following on LinkedIn is still helpful for boosting engagement, it’s no longer a pre-requisite for publishing. That’s great for thought leadership and PR, right? Yes and no.

While the update does level the content playing field, it also means this field is pretty crowded and highly competitive. You’ll have to work twice as hard to stand out. When crafting your LinkedIn content strategy, remember that you’re starting with a reader who already has a direct or indirect connection to your company and some basic knowledge or interest in the topic at hand. (We call that a “warm lead”.) Cut the fluff and deliver real insights, or risk alienating potential leads.

Mistake #4: Not using sponsored updates.

Supercharge community growth with sponsored updates. Sponsored updates are those that are promoted by a company, brand or other organization via LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager feature. Like a targeted ad on Facebook, sponsored updates are an easy, affordable way to expand your company’s reach. Not sure how to get started? LinkedIn has a helpful how-to guide right here.

Bottom line:

For B2B companies, LinkedIn is the proverbial lead generation gold mine. Master the basics of page creation, management and engagement, and you’ll be well on your way to generating more leads.


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