5 Invaluable (and Quick) YouTube Optimization Tips that Will Increase Your Views

We previously talked about how to make great YouTube videos rank higher and be part of your brand strategy. But we didn’t really touch on YouTube optimization as a whole – how to make your current and past videos do better. So here are 5 proven ways to optimize your YouTube content, past and present, across your Channel with just a few changes in how you maintain videos.

1. Add Cards and Tags

Cards and tags are both options to describe your videos in greater detail. You can put up to five cards on any video with the Cards heading – including multiple options for channel, donation, link and poll cards based on the type of content you are creating. These cards not only help your YouTube optimization, but also help you advertise your videos more effectively across YouTube. Tags, meanwhile, help describe your brand as a whole and video content specifically, and should be used with every post to help unify your videos and correctly label them based on their purpose – something that makes Google very happy.

2. Use Professional Themes and Channel Design

This is a more subtle method of optimization, but one that can be very effective. Choose professional banners, logos and themes to modify the appearance of your YouTube channel to match the colors and appearance of your brand. There’s something about this that immediately satisfies viewers who want to find a professional source of information. Another effective trick is adding a watermark to the front of your videos, or a quick shot of your logo that makes all your videos very distinctive to repeat viewers.

3. Increase Accessibility

Accessibility is all about making your videos easier to experience for everyone. This can be as simple as adding a transcript or closed caption options – features designed not only for the disabled, but for interested clients who may need to watch videos on mute in an office setting. Google really likes seeing this extra effort in accessibility, and it’s an easy thing to add to your YouTube videos without too much effort.

4. Categorize Carefully

If you prefer to have relatively frequent YouTube videos, consider categorizing them. This is exactly what it sounds like – dividing your videos into various playlists for your Channel. A great example of this is Target’s channel, which has playlists for new videos (This Just In), style videos, ultra popular videos, and videos by topic. You don’t need to go this crazy, but if your collection of videos is growing then it’s a good idea to separate them into a few categories, like How to or Informative.

5. Encourage Reactions

Reactions will help your videos rank higher and win you some conversions as well. Make sure that every video includes some kind of CTA, either in the video or as a link in the description. If you have older videos that have performed well, then repost them in other channels with a CTA to learn more or explore similar products. Remember, even asking for likes and comments to create more activity will still help increase your rank and earn more views from customers.

Additional Tip: Duplicate Content

We’re a bit hesitant to share this one, because it may not be true however. For now, at least, there’s no penalty to posting the same video on, say, YouTube and Vimeo. This is an easy way to increase the chances of your video being seen with relatively little effort. Just know that it may not last forever.


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