Instagram has introduced the ability to add videos to your feed! It’s an interesting addition, and these vids – which tend to be only several seconds long for easier posting – can be another powerful tool for your company and an easy way to mix it up if you’re getting bored of a long list of photos. But how do you treat B2B Instagram video? We’ve got the best practices you need.

1. Show Your Value

We know, overall Instagram videos are pretty short – but so is people’s patience. Common Instagram videos tend to be only around 15 seconds, at the most! Fortunately, you can get a lot done in that time frame, so focus exclusively on showing the value of your product. Many brands out there have great products and services, but customers rarely get to see them in action before making a purchase. B2B Instagram video is a great way to show the value of what you’re trying to sell. So show things in action! Don’t waste time on content that people can find out by reading your website or checking your Facebook.

2. Get Testimonials

Instagram videos are also an excellent vehicle for brief testimonials from loyal customers. Sure, you can put up testimonials nearly anywhere, but that doesn’t mean people will pay much attention. A short video with a real client, giving a quick but real reason why they buy from your company, demands a certain amount of attention. Viewers will sit up and take notice at that, so think of ways you could do quick interviews. Speaking of interviews, these testimonials don’t always have to involve customers: Have some employees tell why they are proud to work for/lead the company!

3. Use Text for Conversions

Instagram videos also allow you to post text for captions – actually, Instagram is very flexible in how long this text section can be and what font you can use. This makes it an excellent place to explain what is going on and encourage viewers to learn more. Include the basic facts about the video, and make this your spot for a strong call to action that will send people to your website or social media platforms to learn more (or simply follow you on Instagram, if this is more in line with your goals).

4. Repost Quality Videos

Yes, you can repost videos! Consider reposting popular videos from other social media platforms, or posting videos from partners and friends. Reposting is a great way to use videos that have proven successful elsewhere, and help develop a stronger Instagram community.

5. Hashtag Your Videos

Hashtags help you track your campaigns, as well as helping viewers to find your Instagram feed and become followers. Create a set of hashtags to use for your B2B Instagram video and other Instagram posts! They don’t have to be complicated, but they should usually be unique to your brand (other, more popular hashtags can also help, but they aren’t as useful for analysis and reports).

6. Keep Up with New Features

Instagram reliably releases new features every several months to augment its tools, including video. For example, people can now use stickers on their videos: Are there stickers that you can use to increase video engagement, or are they all too silly for you? You need to find out! Watch for new features, and see how you can incorporate them as they arrive.

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