6 New Features to Your Facebook Business Page

Did you know that every week, an average of 2 out 3 Facebook users visit a Facebook Business Page or related Event page? More than 80 million businesses have created dedicated Facebook pages because they really do get results.

But there’s also a tension between Facebook Business Pages and, well, the rest of Facebook. After all, Facebook has repeatedly tweaked its news feed to show fewer business results and more family/friends results, because that’s what people want. So it’s no wonder that businesses have become wary of spending too much time on their Facebook profiles (you may have felt this way, too).

Well, Facebook is trying to ease this inherent tension with brand new changes to its Business Page format, and the results will be…interesting. Let’s take a look at the major updates Facebook has announced, and what your next move should be.


A Recommendation is a new kind of post that people can make on Business Pages. It’s a little like a good review, but it acts like a specialized post saying that “user” recommends “business” and allowing the user to post a message, photo, video, and anything else that goes into a post. It’s a great way to get loyal customers to take more direct action and help out your business in an effective way. Recommendations are also likely to make more difference to new viewers who are making up their minds about your company and can read the positive things people have to say. This can also offset unfair reviews you may have received in the past!

What to do with this: Make it part of your next campaign to ask specifically for Recommendations, and provide a link to your Facebook Page on everything so that people know where to go.


Businesses can now equip with Pages with specific Action buttons. These buttons are some of the first things that people will see when visiting a Page. There are actions for ordering food, sending message, making appointments, and writing one of those recommendations. We can assume that more Actions will also be available in the future as Facebook grows this feature. This is an excellent way to monetize your Facebook Page in all sorts of ways, especially if your business supports any kind of online ordering.

What to do with this: Get those Actions! Pick out an action to two to start and enable them so that visitors can start using those buttons. Make them as connected with ROI as possible.

Business Information

You business page can now provide more direct information in a more viewable format. This includes hours of business, prices, and menus. This update is great for restaurants in particularly, but don’t underestimate the usefulness of adding hours, highlighting new content, and other important data. It’s basically a great visibility tool.

What to do with this: Use this tool to include perennial business information at the top of your page, and seriously consider creating a tab for new content.

Ticket Sales

You can now sell tickets directly through Facebook Pages! This was paired with plans to allow for more event-specific ads on Facebook, too. If your marketing strategy includes events and ticket-based activities, this could be a major boon!

What to do with this: If you regularly hold events, this update is worth your time. If not, think about whether or not ticket-based events belong in your strategy.

Job Listings

Yes, you will now be able to create job listings directly on your Facebook Page! This feature will be rolling out for Pages in the next few months, allowing you to recruit potential hires directly from Facebook. While it doesn’t seem to be as comprehensive as LinkedIn, it can reach a different audience.

What to do with this: There’s not really any reason to not use job listings. Simply copy your listing when you post to other online sites and make a version for Facebook too.

Business Stories

You can create Facebook Stories for your business – and now they’ll be extra easy for people to see. Set a primary business Story, and users can play it by clicking your Page profile photo. It’s a more organic way to provide an intro to your brand and what you offer!

What to do with this: If you have been practicing Facebook Stories, this is a great way to put that content to use! However, it’s not required and you may want to wait if you don’t have much experience in Stories yet.

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