6 Reasons Content Marketing Podcasts Are Sweeter than Christmas Morning


Do you listen to podcasts? I may not know what the current top hits are, but I do feel like by listening to podcasts while driving or doing household chores I am learning something that is applicable to my career or life. I believe the saying goes – ‘kill two birds with one stone’. If your resolution in 2016 is to use your time more productively, content marketing podcasts are one way to accomplish this goal!

Here are my reasons why listening to a podcast is sweeter than Christmas morning:

1. Frequency

Christmas morning happens once a year! Your favorite podcast is usually published on a weekly basis. And there are so many great listening options, that you can listen to something new every day.

2. Applicable Tips

Unlike that new video game or gadget you received as a gift, you can pick up many applicable sales, marketing and business tips by listening to a podcast. Put these on your listening list:

3. They Last Longer than Eggnog

Eggnog only lasts a few minutes. Or if you don’t really care for it, a few sips. Or if you open it and then refrigerate it, at the most 5 days. The point is it has a quick expiration date.

Podcasts usually last 25 – 60 minutes, they happen weekly and it seems there are endless options to discover.

4. Better for My Waistline than Cookies 

I am not sure I know anyone who snacks their way through podcast listening. Christmas movies and parties – bring on the cookies, popcorn and goodies.

5. Experts Are Present All the Time

Santa Clause only appears on Christmas Eve with his gifts…podcasts have expert interviews and panels all the time!

Check out The Beancast Podcast for a ’round table’ panel discussing marketing, advertising and industry news led by Bob Knorpp.

6. Knowledge is Priceless

My Christmas bills…not so priceless. 🙂

Here are a few more of my favorites that make weekly appearances on my listening list:

Making Chips: ‘Equipping Manufacturing Leaders’ with industry news and topics led by two midwest manufacturing business owners

Louder Than Words: ‘Creative Talks’ with John Bonini is an inspiring podcast that features special guests and provides a ‘glimpse into the lives and creative process of the most remarkable people you know’. Past special guests have included: Ann Handley of Marketing Profs, Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute, Seth Godin, Johnny ‘Cupcakes’ Earle and more.

PNR: This Old Marketing Podcast: Marketing news, trends, rants and raves with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose of Content Marketing Institute.

Social Pros Podcast: Lead my marketing influencer Jay Bauer this podcast features interviews with real people doing real work in social media.

Duct Tape Marketing: Led by host John Janstch this inteview style podcast features marketers, entreprenuers, business leaders and more.

Daniel H. Pink: Office Hours: described as “Car Talk . . . for the human engine”, this podcast features Daniel Pink and a special guest (authors, business entreprenuers, business leaders) as they open the ‘phone lines’ and answer questions about life, work and business.

We would love to hear your podcast recommendations and shake hands with you online!


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