6 Tips for More Blog Conversions (that you can start using today)


Is your B2B blog humming along…but not quite performing as well as you want? Do you need more blog conversions to really create impressive results? Great! We’ve got several proven tips for you to try out (you can thank us later)!

1. Make Your CTA More Visible – No Pop Ups

Where is your call to action currently located? Many companies continue to put CTAs at the end of their blog posts – which is certainly polite and sensible, but it doesn’t really help you when it comes to conversions. Remember, when viewers reach the end of the post, they are done: Their instinct is often to click away, i.e. not read your CTA. The same is true of CTAs that are locked away in sidebars and rarely seen. You should try moving your CTA up in the post, toward the middle or beginning. This engages viewers more easily while they are still engaged with you.

However, we do suggest avoid pop-up or slide-in CTAs. Some people advocate them, but anything that covers text or the original content of the website is usually disastrous. People will click away rather than bother reading or getting rid of the CTA. So keep the CTA native, but move it up so everyone can see it clearly before they finish the piece.

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2. Have People Review Your Online Forms

All right, assume that a prospect moves on and is ready to participate in your CTA. But wait! Before the conversion is complete, they actually need to fill out the form…and that’s where things can get a little tricky. Some online forms are very poorly designed, and lose more prospects than they win.

Overall, forms should be very simple, which just a few fields to fill out at the most, intelligent autofill wherever possible, and large, easy-to-use spaces and instructions. One of the best ways to find the flaws in your own forms is to create a mini-survey among your followers that asks them to rate a form, and say what they don’t like about it.

3. Avoid Clickbait and Focus on “Useful” Keywords Instead

If there are two things that do not pair well, it’s clickbait and CTAs! If you want those conversions, give people something worthwhile and avoid even the hint of empty, clickbaity titles or content. If you promise something in the headline, start delivering on that promise immediately. Do not waste space with fluff or bad jokes. The more value you deliver in your content, the more willing viewers will be to convert to the next step (click to tweet). It’s basic salesmanship, but a lot of bloggers still forget that they need to impress individual readers, not just get a lot of easy clicks.

4. Try A/B Testing

A/B testing works well for titles, headlines, and similar pieces of content. If you haven’t tried it before, the idea is to create alternative titles, etc. and have your platform automatically switch out titles at intervals before sticking with the one that seems to perform the best. Well, there’s more to it than that, but you get the idea. A/B testing can help you learn how to craft better titles, and tends to improve conversions through better engagement.

5. Improve Site Performance!

Here’s the deal: If people have to wait several seconds for your CTA to load, they probably won’t. They’ll be gone by the time the form appears – or their goodwill will be gone, which isn’t much better. Help guarantee more conversions by improving your site performance so that the CTA process is as close to instant as possible. Don’t let viewers get distracted! This is particularly true on mobile devices, so don’t forget that mobile optimization.

6. Link to Better Content in your CTAs

It’s common practice (and a smart move) to promise something in your CTA – a free eBook, a new infographic, the latest tips, etc. But that content…isn’t always great. If you aren’t getting the conversions you want, then take a look at what you are offering. Backlinko has a nice case study on how changing the offering to a more direct, related piece of content can really make a difference. Try this if your free content is looking a little stale.


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