6 Tips to Increase Comments on Your Business Instagram Account



As you know if you follow our blog, we like to keep you updated with the latest Instagram tips and strategies for getting better results, acquire more followers, and earn more social signals like comments. That’s why we’ve talked about Instagram hacks, what people respond to on Instagram, and other related topics. In our ongoing effort to keep you up to date, we present our guide designed specifically to increase the comments you get on Instagram. Since¬†social signals appear to now be affecting how visible Instagram posts are, comments are becoming increasingly important. Here’s how to help get more of them on your Instagram business account!

1. Keep a Rotation of Community Grammers

This is a common practice among experienced Instagram marketers, and one that we can highly recommend for you to try on your business Instagram account. There are probably at least several other brands on Instagram that are closely connected to your company as partners, suppliers, or long-term clients. People, in other words, that you don’t mind exchanging social media niceties with. The goal is to create a list of these people, and regularly go through it (such as once a week or so, depending on the level of activity in your community). Check each brand: If they have posted something new recently, then comment on the photo/video. Say something in-depth and meaningful that shows you understand and appreciate exactly what they were aiming for.

This both improves your own visibility via the comment, and makes it a lot more likely that you will get comments of your own within that community. Stand up and be an Instagram growth leader!

2. Think in Stories

Instagram Stories is indeed a new mode that allows you to present a collection of photos in one post, and you should definitely be experimenting with this setting. But that’s not exactly what we mean: You see, the Instagram posts that get the most interaction are those that engage, and that means telling a story. This can happen in many different ways, from the series of photos you post to the specific subjects in the photos, to how the photos are described. But in the background should always be the desire to relate a story about your brand. Do not fall into the trap of posting quick, bland, functionally good photos that don’t really say anything: It’s safe, but it won’t get you comments.

3. Group Up for Contests

Instagram contests have many uses, but one of our favorites is the group contest, where you and a business partner (or several) run a joint contest on Instagram. The key is that one of the requirements for the contest is that followers must follow all Instagram accounts to piece together clues, respond with the right comments, or tagging enough friends. It’s an artificial boost that can lead to organic growth in the long run.

4. Don’t Just Use Hashtags, Understand Them

By this, we mean understand how your audience sees hashtags. Don’t just use hashtags because someone told you to! Investigate, find out what the hashtag means, if it is used in an ironic or humorous way, and how it is being used right now by similar companies. In other words, get in the hashtag zone, look at them through the eyes of followers, and then choose a variety of hashtags to increase visibility and net more comments.

5. Try a Takeover

A Takeover occurs when you jump on a partner’s Instagram account and take over their feed for a day. During this time, brands post photos that show the business from their point of view and their position in the supply chain. It’s a cool way to increase awareness, and if you can find a willing and talented Instagram partner in your industry, we say go for it.

6. Put Your Account Info in More Places, More Frequently

People won’t comment on your Instagram posts if they can’t find them. How many of your customers even know that your brand has an Instagram handle? Get the message out there! We’ve seen dozens of brilliant strategies, like including your Instagram handle on all company packaging, listing it alongside the logo on the website, putting it on company pens, and plastering it on sponsorship banners. People need to see that you are on Instagram. If your Instagram photos feel too much like a ghost town, maybe it’s time to start putting up some road signs.

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