6 Unique Ideas for Evergreen Content Success


When brands prepare to develop long-term evergreen content to help bring in organic traffic, they face a frequent problem: A lack of ideas. Because evergreen pieces need to be as unique and focused as possible, many companies look around and find that the obvious topics have already been covered. In these cases, it’s time to get creative, so let’s take a look at our favorite evergreen content ideas!

Note: Some evergreen content can be worked into an infographic. Other kinds can make a great video. Certain content may even make a great podcast. Don’t feel confined to just one medium when there are plenty of options out there. Especially strong evergreen should be spread around: If you find a particular piece is doing very well, then don’t be afraid to make a video or podcast about it to spread the information even further – this is one case where ‘duplicating’ information into a new form has few downsides.

1. The Full Guide

The full guide takes a single subject and gives a complete explanation about it, from top to bottom, for those interested in learning. This works best when the subject is a little esoteric, and people frequently have questions about what it is or what it means. “A Guide to Bitcoins” or “Everything You Need to Know About Efficiency Ratings” or – well, you get the idea. The scope of the subject also controls length. Some subjects may only be a long article, around 1,000 words. Bigger topics may require whitepapers spanning several pages. However, it’s important to actually know enough to write a comprehensive guide about the subject.

2. The In-Depth Visual Exploration

This is a great topic for video or for a gallery of photos: Here, a skilled communicator takes viewers on a journey to show how something works. This can be quite useful when it comes to complex or mechanical products that you can disassemble and reassemble, showing people how it works on the inside while giving a few maintenance tips as you go. It’s also suitable for manufacturing processes and other operations that can benefit from a little explanation.

3. The How to Choose

We like this option because it can apply to nearly any brand and it’s an interesting way to explore a subject. Instead of just explaining something, the How to Choose option allows you to provide advice on how to pick a particular product or service based on the needs of the consumer. Evergreen is always at its most potent when it can address a specific need along the buying journey, particularly near the start of the sales funnel when buyers are looking for general information. Seeing a How to Choose article is a great relief to buyers of more complex products or products that are very important/have many different competing brands. However, the guide has to deliver the goods – it needs a step-by-step method to choosing a final product that makes sense to everyone.

4. The Technical Process

Sometimes the product/service itself is simple enough, but the way it is used can get a little complicated. Try creating evergreen content that walks people through a process they may not know much about. You could choose an important online journey, like how to use Amazon Web Services. Or you could focus more on a demonstration, like how to properly clean and oil a table saw. It all depends on your industry and what processes benefit from an explanation to newcomers.

5. The FAQ

Do you have an FAQ page? A surprising number of brands never develop one! That’s too bad, because it’s one of the handiest types of evergreen content for buyers. Take the questions that customer support frequently hears and make them into an FAQ piece that addresses all these issues once and for all. Add more FAQs as you add services or find that people have new questions, and this content can easily build on itself.

6. The Case Study

The case study is another favorite option for brands not sure where to go. It offers the possibility of evergreen story ideas about real-life situations, while also showing potential buyers what sort of problems you can fix. If you are asking your happy clients about the potential of writing a case study about them, you should start! If you amass several case studies, you can even combine them into a longer whitepaper about the benefits of choosing your company.

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