6 Worst Mistakes to Avoid in Video Marketing


We’ve provided advice in the past about how to improve your video marketing efforts on YouTube and similar platforms for an SEO boost and broader reach. Now we’re going to talk about what you should never do on YouTube – or any other video platform, for that matter. These are the mistakes that will make all your work on video marketing content mean very little. Stop doing these things. Stop it now.

1. Not Giving a Hook

We get it, B2B videos aren’t the easiest things to create, especially when the most popular online videos tend to be all jokes or whatever else the ‘kids’ are into at the moment. We’re not saying your videos need to be pure entertainment. We are saying that they need to give people a reason to keep watching. If your video starts with a guy standing in front of a wall and saying, “Hi, I’m Bob from Bob’s Happy Contractor Company – ” then most people have already stopped watching, because that’s not interesting. So start with a quick hook. For most of us, that can be as simple as announcing what the video will talk about and then jumping into the subject matter!

2. Forgetting You Are Not an Amateur

You are not an amateur. Your brand represents a professional company. So, no matter what video skills you personally may lack, your video has to look professional. That means high resolution, interesting shots, plenty of movement, smooth turns, good lighting, and all the rest of it. Amateur video will not make you seem “folksy” or relatable or anything else positive. It’s just going to make you look like you don’t really know what you’re doing. Yes, this is primarily a talent issue, so work on getting access to some skilled video talent.

3. Padding Your Video With Minutes of Nothing

Far too many brands think that longer videos are better – that they get better ad slots or more SEO points or something like that. As a result, there are a lot of efforts to increase video length, often to as much as 10 minutes. This is not a good idea. Video length primarily affects your content, and not much else. It needs to be a digestible size for your viewers, and not waste any time. Focus on those things, and never, ever pad an online video just so that it looks longer.

4. Forgetting About the Call to Action

Oops! Of course your video needs a call to action, and that needs to be more than just a slide with your company website on it. Include specific instructions, tags, and links in both the video and the video description, wherever you publish it. Platforms like YouTube make it very easy to add more in-video callouts and links that you can also use. The goal is to give people an action to take next.

5. Ignoring Text Content

Video platforms typically have room for a video description, a transcription, and video tags to describe the type of content. If you aren’t using all of these, you are missing out! It’s not enough to post the video, even if it’s a great video. One reason is SEO – these text components are great for increasing video SEO. However, descriptions and tags also provide a ton of value to viewers who are looking for clues to what the video is about and how they will benefit from watching it.

6. Posting and Forgetting

“Whew! That video took forever, but it’s finally published! Okay!” Too many marketers turn away at this point and leave the video on its own. Come on, guys. You can’t just walk away. Let people know about your video! Post links on your social media sites, talk about it in an email update, embed it in your blog. You know how it’s done (or find someone who does!), so give it one last push after publishing.

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