YouTube isn’t just a video source – it’s also one of the most popular sites for gathering information and news, right behind stars like Facebook. If YouTube video content isn’t part of your marketing strategy yet…well, that should probably change sooner rather than later.

But how do the rules work on a dedicated video-sharing platform like YouTube? It has its own algorithm, its own user base, and unique tools…but don’t let that discourage you! A few basic YouTube video content success tactics, and you’ll be able to take advantage of the site like the pros do. We’ve got the exact hacks you should try!

1. Use Transcripts

Google tends to favor videos that include transcript work. Now, there’s an automatic transcript created for almost every video that you publish to YouTube, and that can have value on its own, but creating your own transcript generally has more impact. If you click on your “CC” subtitle button on an existing YouTube video in your account, you will have the option to upload a subtitles or transcript file. Do this! Those words appear to have a direct impact on the SEO of your video, and your own transcript is going to be a lot more accurate than any automatically generated video. If the transcript contains a lot of valuable info, consider pasting it into your video description as well.

2. Link Inside Your Video

There are a couple ways to provide links right in your videos, and we suggest you use this option more often than not, because it’s a really easy CTA for viewers to access and it can help you with conversions, particularly when you are showing off a particular product or ordering option. Your first tool is the “Annotation” which allows you to create little in-video comments at certain times. These comments absolutely can and should be CTA links to forms and product pages! Your second choice is the final “end screen” that shows related videos and can be customized to offer links to other sites and content. Both tools are powerful, so get to know them well.

3. Create and Share Playlists

Like music playlists, you can create a video playlist of YouTube videos. It’s an easy way to build up more awareness and conversions, and an excellent bit of content to share across social media. There are two primary YouTube hacks here. The first works if you have a large library of videos to pull from, allowing you to create a “how to” or guide-focused playlist answering common questions, showing tips, and so on. The second strategy is for smaller playlists, where you use a mix of your own videos, and well-done videos from your partners in the industry that cover similar subjects.

4. Create a Custom URL

Yes, YouTube allows you to create custom URLs, picking a unique phrase for the tail end of your YouTube address. This benefits the search results that come up when people are trying to find your YouTube channel, so it’s a good idea to create a custom URL tag like “srs-construction” or “really-good-product.” However, you can only pick this custom URL once and it cannot be changed (at least, not according to current rules).

5. Take Advantage of Cards

YouTube Cards allow for a lot of customization. You can create new titles, images, CTAs, and URL callouts using cards, all of which can improve conversions and reach. So add a few cards to make your videos more professional and reap the profits!

6. Try Livestreaming

We’ve talked about how you can livestream on YouTube, and why it’s valuable. Livestreaming sessions can be saved later as videos while also generating current interest in your projects. This is a particularly useful little hack when you’ve been working on your channel for a while and have a guaranteed body of followers that will be immediately interested in checking out your livestream.

7. Offer Value for Time

We’ll end on this note – a lot of YouTube posters try to game the system or enhance SEO with cheap video tricks. They’ll extend the length of the video to 10 minutes to get more profit and look more professional, then ramble for 8 minutes of that time. Some will take several minutes just to talk about their other social media sites while asking you to like and comment their content! Don’t be a part of this herd of amateurs: Create professional content that’s worth watching for the information and demonstrations.

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