7 Reasons an Instagram Influencer Skyrocket Account Growth


We have posted before on the general value of marketing influencers and how exactly they represent your brand to their own audiences. But there is a more unique creature on the rise: The Instagram influencer. Pay this influencer, and they will make a post about your brand on their feed, essentially showing and recommending it to all their followers, along with providing the necessary links to learn more. Does this work? It does – in the right circumstances. Let’s look at the biggest advantages.

1.     They Can (When Used Correctly) Grow Sales

This works better for some industries than others. The cosmetics industry, for example, has had a vast amount of success using Instagram influencers because the strategy fits perfectly with their business model. Other companies that work with highly visible, competitive products that customers can easily buy online will also benefit from this model.

2.     They Allow You To Grow Partnerships

How do you pick an Instagram influencer? Don’t just go out and grab one! Instead, look to your partners, your supply line associates, your extra-friendly clients, and bloggers that are active in your industry. Reach out to them, and talk about creating an influencer post or two. This has two advantages. First, it guarantees that the Instagrammer will have enough experience with your brand or similar companies to portray your business in the proper light. Second, it helps you forge closer partnerships with others in your industry – people that you can help, and that can help you. What’s not to like?

3.     They Can Handle Instagram Even If You Don’t Have Any Experience

New to Instagram? Still aren’t sure what you are doing? As long as you provide good contact information for conversions, you can still use Instagram Influencers. Often, signing up for an Influencer post can prove a valuable education when learning how to use Instagram in your industry. Don’t let this opportunity slip by because your team doesn’t know much about Instagram. Let the Influencers take care of their specialty.

4.     They Keep Up on Hashtags

It’s bound to be a relief to some of you out there: Effective Instagrammers with a lot of experience (i.e., good influencers) know exactly how to use hashtags. They follow hashtag ecologies and know which hashtags are effective and which are going too far. So give their Instagram history a brief check, note that their hashtag use looks healthy (no overcrowding or weird, unrelated tags), and then breathe easy, because they know what they are doing.

5.     They Know When and How to Post

Influencers have experience posting to Instagram…a lot. They know when to post to their own audience for the greatest effect, and how to frame your brand so that their people will sit up and pay attention. It can be a boon to marketing teams that are still learning about Instagram. Influencer reach is only part of the story: They also tend to be very effective at building an attractive post – don’t discount that!

6.     They Route Questions Back to You

If comments or questions come up in the Influencer Instagram feed, they can refer that person to your account, site, or a specific customer representative for more information. That means you get a chance at direct interaction with those people, and have a much better chance to convert them into customers, especially if you’re ready and waiting to deal with their questions.

7.     They Don’t Have to Be Fake

This comes up sometimes when talking about influencers with brands, especially more professional B2B companies that want to manage their image carefully. Many Instagram influencers have to adopt a certain amount of enthusiasm about a product that they don’t know that well, and if they can’t pull this off then they tend to a little fake and that can damage your brand. This is why we advise pulling influencers from your community or those connected to your industry. It is possible to find Influencers that know their stuff are and even already acquainted with your products.

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