The holidays are here, and you know what that means – holiday marketing campaigns. They’ve already begun, they’re everything, and if you’re like us then you are wondering, “Are my holiday marketing plans enough? Are we set to meet our goals? Should we be expecting more sales from the holidays months – and if so, what else can we do to get them?”

So let’s talk about it! Here are our best tips to increase holiday B2B sales and take advantage of the season to get an extra bonus from your marketing efforts.

1. Remember the Season of Discounts Can Be Distracting

B2B holidays are a bit different compared to the average consumer. Your customers are probably incredibly busy, and are running holiday campaigns of their own. When they are shopping for something, there are a ton of other competing discounts happening at the same time (just look at Black Friday), and it’s easy for a single campaign to get lost in the chaos.

The best response to all of this is to be unique. Stand out from the crowd. Don’t offer just another holiday discount: Create an offering that’s based around the core of your brand and what your customers love about that brand. Celebrate the business! This will help you stand out from the crowd.

2. Create Plenty of Space and Time for Leads to Make Decisions

As we noted, your leads are likely to be very busy themselves in the holiday months. It also takes B2B customers a longer time to make purchasing decisions than the average buyer flipping through Black Friday ads. Add these factors up and it means that you need to give your leads plenty of time to make decisions – at least a few weeks before major events like Black Friday or Christmas events (Medium has a good story about doing this). Yes, that means that you should be launching your campaign ASAP! Don’t forget to remember that your leads are busy, but also give them plenty of opportunities and options to contact you via both your ads and your direct communication.

3. The Holidays are a Great Time to Personalize

This is an excellent time of year to practice some marketing personalization. People – even those making B2B purchase decisions – enjoy feeling noticed and remembered, especially when the holidays role around. So dig out that customer data and start creating personalized messages. Talk about products they’ve bought before, events they’ve attended or that you met at, and the project they are currently working on. Customers are far more likely to respond to that than a generic holiday sale ad.

4. Your Clients are Already Thinking About Next Year – and You Can Use That

Many businesses are already forming their plans for the coming, and that’s taking a lot of attention. But you can tap into this practice by molding some of your advertising around it. Do you offer products or services that can make these business strategic decision easier? Can you help people save money or time with new projects? Focus on those features, and let leads know that you understand they planning for the future.

5. Plan More Cozy Holiday Events

If you want to do a holiday event, try to make it simply, cozy, and familiar. Your leads have enough events to go to already: If you offer one, it should help them take a breath, rest a little, and learn about how your offering can make their lives easier. Think about quiet dinner events, tree-lighting functions, and other events that don’t require your leads to do anything except attend. They’ll appreciate the break, and be more willing to listen.

6. Give a Little Something Back

Tis the season, after all. Another effective campaign option is to offer your customers a gift for their business throughout the year (following all legal requirements for business gifts, of course). When in doubt, free products and samples are always an option! This holiday sign of cheer and thankfulness is bound to spread more goodwill. It can lead to new business, too, especially if you include a reminder about your latest deals or product offerings.

7. Feeling Adventurous? Give Smart Shopping a Try

Maybe you prefer to stick with more traditional advertising for the holidays, but want more robust results if possible. We suggest looking into Google’s new Smart Shopping Campaigns for an idea of what you could do. The holidays are a good time to maximize results from trying new advertising models, and Smart Shopping is a great, easy place to start!