Those of us who can remember nightly family dinners around the kitchen table are becoming extinct. Television played a role in its demise as tray tables replaced dining room tables. It was also facilitated by the need to have both parents working and more opportunities for our children. It is far easier to toss something in the microwave or make a stop at the drive-thru.

As much as we may fondly remember those times, they are not coming back. Sorry, but the days of Mom cooking a family dinner each night, setting the table, and enjoying conversation around a family meal are gone. The reality is the art of conversation may be next.

Losing the Art of Conversation

Like it or not, conversation and interaction are being replaced with hand-held technology. That may be hard for those of us who remember cassette tapes to understand. It is even harder to embrace. BUT if we don’t start grasping this, especially how it relates to business, we will be left behind. We will not be able to communicate and recruit young talent. Our B2B clients will get older and we won’t be in a position to replenish them. The future of our very businesses depends on not ignoring progress, but in taking advantage of it. Adapt, adopt and learn mobile marketing. It is here to stay.

The Power of Mobile Connectivity

An increasingly higher percentage of emails are being opened on mobile devices. Users are connecting through social media, conducting research and seeking experts all through mobile devices. Will they find you? Will they view you as mobile friendly?

Here are some quick things you can do to conduct your own mobile self-examination.

  • View your website with a handheld device. Is your main page clean, clear and concise? Does it have your contact info upfront? Is it easy to maneuver with thumbs and fingers? Is it mobile-friendly?
  • Review your outbound emails. Are they short, to the point, easy to read and do they include a clear call to action?
  • Are your social media activities pertinent and updated? Are you offering content that is valuable and that positions you as the expert in your field?
  • Do you have an inbound marketing plan? Most clients are conducting their research long before they contact a resource. What will they learn about you?

It Needs to Be Done

It’s okay to miss “the good old days”. It is not okay to ignore the facts of what is happening around us. Adapt, adopt and learn more about mobile marketing and get help if needed. This ‘attached to our phones’ syndrome is here to stay.

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