Appeal Don’t Bore When Attracting Millennials

In this blog series, we have focused on insights from millennials and how you can focus on attracting millennials to manufacturing.


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Sabrina’s New Job

Sabrina never considered a job in manufacturing before getting her first job offer, but it turns out the work suits her well. She’s quite good at it, and her company did a good job to attract Millennials to manufacturing, giving her some colleagues she connects with.

Her problem, however, is that she finds work a bit boring. She looks at some of her friends, who have much more exciting jobs, and longs for something more interesting. She isn’t actively looking for a new job yet, but the thought often crosses her mind.

 Are Boring Jobs Really a Problem?

Sabrina certainly isn’t alone. Attracting Millennials give you talent to a terrific talent pool, but it also comes with some risk. They’re much more likely to jump ship, especially if they’re not finding a great deal of satisfaction or challenge in their position.

Spicing up the work environment benefits employees that aren’t going anywhere, too. The more engaged your employees are, the more productive they’ll be. A boring work environment is best for no one.

 Creating a More Appealing Company

Rebranding your company can be tricky, but there are a few things you can do to make your work less boring:

  • Change things up. The more things stay the same, the more boring they are. Give employees new challenges as often as possible.
  • Give leeway. If employees are given freedom to find new ways to do their job, they’ll be engaged and productive. As a bonus, your company will also become more innovative.
  • Leave room for fun. Organize work events and seek out ideas from your employees. The more fun your team has, the harder they’ll work for you.

By making work more fun, you’ll engage your employees. They’ll be more loyal, productive, and appreciative!

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