Attract Millennials with a Connective Work Environment


In this blog series, we focus on insights from millennials and how you can focus on attracting millennials to manufacturing.

We have discussed perks that Millennials look for in a company and how millennials thrive in an intimate work environment . It is important to Millennials that they feel like a person, not just a number and they love frequent feedback. Millennials value a challenging and trusting work environment; they also desire a clear career roadmap. Millennials also desire to feel a part of the ‘bigger picture’ and look for employment at companies they feel will give them a sense of purpose. Foster a culture of charitable caring and a connected team environment and you are well on your way to attracting Millennials to manufacturing.


Graham’s Workplace Troubles

Graham’s working over 40 hours every week, but he’s getting tired of it. The work is fine and the pay is great, but he just doesn’t feel comfortable. Each day, the entire team comes in, puts their heads down, and goes to work. There’s no comradery, and he doesn’t connect with anybody. He’s considering looking for another opportunity, one where he doesn’t mind coming in every day.

Environment is More Important Than You Think

Graham isn’t the only person who cares about workplace environment, even if he’s the most sensitive to it. Here’s what a good work environment will lead to:

  • Increased productivity.
  • Fewer absences and late arrivals.
  • More collaboration among employees.
  • Better overall employee satisfaction.

Creating a Connective Environment

If you want to attract Millennials to manufacturing, you need a great work environment. People must feel comfortable being themselves at work. This starts up top. Foster a trusting, open environment by building a relationship with your employees and keeping lines of communication open.

Here are some other tips to building a connective work environment:

  • Provide a sense of purpose by explaining to employees exactly how they fit into your long-term and short-term success.
  • Don’t create rules or restrictions just for the sake of having them. Offer flexibility with schedule or benefits if it makes sense.
  • Deal with negativity immediately. Don’t let a single source of negativity bring the whole team down. Deal with it by letting employees know that hurting the work environment is just as bad as neglecting work responsibilities.

Once you’ve focused on your work environment, Graham’s attitude will be infectious. You’ll be attracting Millennials and top-tier talent before you know it!

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