B2B Brand Experiences

“Welcome to a new era of marketing and service in which your brand is defined by those who experience it.”
Brian Solis

Have you ever thought about how you experience a brand?

I think it is easy to think of ways that you experience B2C brands everyday. The soap you wash your hands with that leaves them moisturized and clean. The slightly overpriced drink you picked up at the local coffee shop, but you didn’t mind the price, because that mocha was worth every last drop. The running shoes you put on at the gym that not only provided the right amount of cushion but also are in the brightest neon color that is..well…cool.

Now think, about how you shared those experiences. Did you ‘check – in’ at the coffee shop? Perhaps, you posted a selfie of you and your fav coffee drink. Or when you bought those new running shoes, you spread the love of them all over your Facebook wall.

These days it is all about the experience. But how does that transfer over to B2B?

In a recent survey conducted by market reserach B2B International, they found that a signifgant number of B2B are starting to focus on selling products and services based on the value they offer to a particular segments of customers.

Value. Experience.

The game is not just about price anymore.

How will your B2B adjust?



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