We understand that YouTube SEO can seem a little opaque, and that many brands just want to “get their videos out there” without adopting a whole other SEO guide. But here’s the good news: SEO tactics for YouTube also help make your videos really great, in addition ensuring they show up more easily in searches.

So let’s embrace YouTube SEO with a list of basic practices you can adopt to help boost your viewing numbers, increase visibility – all that good stuff. Don’t worry, they won’t take long…but these steps can make a big difference!


1. Describe Both Your Channel and Your Video Carefully

As with your Facebook profile (bonus tip!), all your descriptions on YouTube are very important and used for SEO purposes. When first creating your channel, make sure you name and describe it carefully, with plenty of mentions of your business name and product names. Each video also needs its own careful description, using keywords that describe the value of the video and any products that it discusses. Keep your titles focuses on the same details, and you should be good to go here.


2. Include External Links Where Appropriate

You can put external links in your description, or include them as pop-ups in the video itself. Both are very good ideas, not only for your SEO but also for your CTAs. Link when appropriate to your product landing pages, your forms, and other key sites you want to direct traffic. SEO likes these links because they indicate a complete video that’s connected to the internet in a healthy way.


3. Improve Channel Success

Your general YouTube SEO is also affected by how well your channel is performing – how many people are subscribing, how long your channel has been around (an established channel is generally better), and how many views in total your channel gets. Fuel your social media content by advertising your channel there where appropriate, and give people a good reason to subscribe for ongoing information! Product guides and helpful tips will often convince viewers to subscribe to B2B channels.


4. Publish Frequent New Videos

Video frequent is another important factor in SEO. You certainly don’t have to publish a video every day unless you really want to monetize via YouTube, but you should post new videos at fairly regularly intervals, such as once every week or two. This isn’t just a numbers game – you also want to give subscribers an incentive to stick around and keep watching.


5. Give Your Audience a Reason to “Like”

Retention and social signals play their own roles as well! Those YouTube thumbs ups will indeed affect how easily your video appears in searches, so don’t ignore this factor. But a thumbs up is only one signal: You also want people commenting and sharing your video, which can do wonders for SEO. So get your viewers involved, encourage them to ask questions in the comments, and let them know they can share the video with peers if they want to.


6. Including a Transcription and Annotation

This is a super easy way to improve SEO: Always include transcriptions and basic annotation for your videos when possible. YouTube likes it, and many viewers will like it too. If nothing else, you should be adding well-written summaries in your descriptions.


7. Make Good Video Content

It’s obvious, but if you need more incentive, then know that video quality does affect SEO. Make strong, high-resolution videos and choose great thumbnails to help improve how people see and react to your videos. Retention is also important – in both ways. A good video will keep people watching to the end, which appears to be an important factor in ratings, and it will keep people on your channel looking for other videos to watch, which is also great. Important steps like capturing interest immediately and keeping the pace of the video lively will help you in many ways, so get these content tips down!

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