The building materials market can be complicated when we try to work in marketing into a complex supply chain. In the B2B world, building materials sell most of their product at the local level. Distribution can span cities, states, or the whole country, but ultimately the buying decisions get made a local basis. The question is: How does that shape your marketing efforts? Especially when you are a national brand.

Buyers are out there making decisions based on good sales teams that understand their business, their goals, and their community. Getting involved in that community is a key aspect of marketing for the building material industry that we can’t ignore these days. But how do you localize marketing as much as possible without taking too much time or resources? There are a few easy, effective methods that will help tie you closers to the community. They make an excellent place to start!

Include the Name of the Town/City/County in Your Marketing

It doesn’t take much to add the name of a town or county to marketing materials, and you shouldn’t underestimate just what a difference this can make to local B2B companies. These companies are looking for any sign that a larger seller “gets” them, and actually has investment in the community.

Mentioning the name of the community is a way to immediately say, “Yes, we are speaking to your business and businesses like you directly.” It makes people pay attention – and it’s often the difference between skipping an ad or outreach, and paying attention for a few seconds longer. That few seconds is exactly what it takes create a lead, and that’s definitely worth a little customization. It’s also a good way to make your message as personal as you can even if you don’t have a rep that can meet directly with buyers in the region quite yet.

There are Many Additional Ways to Tie Content Marketing to Local Communities

Using the name of the community is direct and simple – but you don’t need to stop there. You can make ads even more effective by including information that pertains to only that community. Content marketers can look up important information on a town’s history, landmarks, and current investments to find out where that community is heading. When the time comes for content, you can use that research to include:

  • Mentions of popular local landmarks or community activities
  • Local sayings, mottos, and ways of talking
  • Big local developments and how a community wants to be seen
  • Mentions of local celebrities

Philanthropy Can Prove Highly Effective

Do you want a more in-depth way to reach out to specific communities? Look into philanthropy actions you can take for that area. Don’t worry, this doesn’t take heavy investment – there are a plethora of options for taking action in a community. Even sponsoring road maintenance or sports events will help make a good impression (and these options don’t always require direct involvement).

However, putting together a team gives you even more options for volunteering around the town, holding fundraisers, and putting together unique events that will let local businesses know you have the community in mind. This is a great tactic when first entering a new area. Remember to advertise all this on social media to show your whole audience how you get involved!

Local Partnerships are Always a Possibility

For long-term involvement, look into developing partnerships with local businesses that you can use to showcase products and hold events to get closer to the community. A successful partnership allows your “on the ground” partner to handle a lot of the details so that community involvement doesn’t have to be such a chore.

On this note, remember ways you can partner with the community itself: Local festivals and other community-wide events are much like trade shows, where you can send someone to represent your community and increase interest – as well as having your name show up on event websites and social posts. We are seeing a growing number of B2B companies attending these events as a way to introduce themselves and what they offer to the community as a whole, and it can be quite effective!

Hire the Professionals

We know that most national building supply companies in this space simply don’t have the resources internally to personalize their marketing efforts to each community they serve. That’s why 21 Handshake has built a process that helps you make an impact. This process helps to increase brand awareness as well as product demand on a local level to help you sell more. We like to call it the Brand Demand process and it includes a strategic digital marketing plan that includes localized video content and social media strategy. We’ve watched companies in this space benefit from the process that supports what your sales teams are doing in the field by hitting your target audience where they spend most of their time — on their phones.