Business Growth Simplified: Master These 2 Factors

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Two business men shaking hands at international business meeting.

Most businesses are constantly looking to increase their sales. They may use different tactics to accomplish that goal, but that basic goal is the same. Business growth means increasing your sales.

We have, however, made this simple goal extremely complex.

Every year, people and businesses invest billions of dollars in research, training, software, education and market intelligence simply to help them find that magic bullet…the new approach that will take them to the next level of creating a remarkable brand. Like a dog distracted by a squirrel, we forget the simple goal and get sidetracked by finding the “process”.

I am here to tell you we are approaching this all wrong. As in science, we are far better served to stay focused on the “simplest answer”.

Look, there are two main factors in any transaction.

  1. The reason why people buy anything is to change their emotional state. They simply want to get from point A to point B.
  2. Once people have a desire to change their emotional state and get from point A to point B, they have to trust that a particular transaction will fulfill that desire.

These two main factors are the same if you’re a growing a B2C business or want to grow a B2B business. It is about creating a desire to get from A to B, and then in creating trust in your business that you can help get them there.

Now, we can discuss the ways to move people toward a desire to change their state and discuss how you can demonstrate capabilities to build that trust, but for now, take a look at your business. Break it down to each transaction. What is necessary to have those transactions take place? The solution to growth for businesses is creating trust in each transaction.

Master trust in the transaction and you will master your marketplace.


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