Don’t Insult Their Intelligence when Attracting Millennials


In this blog series, we focus on insights from millennials and how you can focus on attracting millennials to manufacturing.


We have discussed perks that Millennials look for in a company and how millennials thrive in an intimate work environment . It is important to Millennials that they feel like a person, not just a number and they love frequent feedback. Millennials value a challenging and trusting work environment; they also desire a clear career roadmap. Millennials also desire to feel a part of the ‘bigger picture’ and look for employment at companies they feel will give them a sense of purpose. Foster a culture of charitable caring, a connected team environment and some fun social outings and you are well on your way to attracting Millennials to manufacturing.  Assist Millennials in achieving a work – life balance, have inspiring senior management and a well paired mentoring program and you are well on your way to attracting millennials to manufacturing! Encourage good manager – employee relationshipscollaborative creative thinking and looking beyond P & L Statements and not only will your millennial employees look forward to clocking in but all employees will. It is important to acknowledge a millennials desire to lead and engage them in projects that they can take ownership of is one way to do this.   Don’t expect Millennials to ‘follow’ the rules of the Baby Boomer generation – be flexible, open to new ideas and you will be amazed at what your new hire can accomplish! Don’t play games in your millennial interviews, be forthcoming and open about your workplace environment.



Why Gina Passed

Gina got recruited with a manufacturer that did a great job at attracting Millennials. They recruited right on campus and said the ‘right things’. She doesn’t know a ton about manufacturing, but she’s eager to hit the ground running.

Her interview didn’t go too well, though. She studied and made sure to know everything she could about her new potential company and the industry, but she just isn’t a manufacturing expert yet. The hiring manager kept glossing over industry terms and ended up having to explain everything. It made Gina feel like manufacturing just wasn’t for her, so she passed.

In the end, Gina just figured Millennials in manufacturing weren’t a great mix.

 Gina Isn’t The Only One

It’s important to remember that every employee sat where Millennials did once, without much industry experience. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t intelligent, hard-working individuals who can help your company out. Take the time to speak with them patiently, explaining anything they might have missed. Remember that asking questions is a sign of initiative and curiosity, two invaluable traits in any employee.

 How to Avoid Accidental Insults

It should be obvious that berating or talking down to employees is a bad thing, but it’s easy to do it accidentally, too. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid:

  • Ignoring questions or giving answers with half-effort.
  • Expecting employees to do everything the same way you do.
  • Criticizing employees without offering praise.
  • Manipulating them as a form of short-term motivation.

If you’re able to truly value your employees, you’ll attract Millennials and other talent in droves. Your employees will be happy, loyal, and productive!



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