Facebook for a Manufacturing Business?!



In manufacturing we have constantly heard phrases like “Use the right tool for the right job”, “Whatever it takes”, “Find a solution that works.” Yet when it comes to marketing our manufacturing business and growing our customer base there seems to be a reluctance to try new tactics. Take Facebook for instance. I know that many entrepreneurial manufacturers will use Facebook to stay in touch with their children and even grandchildren. If you suggest they use it for marketing, some will look at you like you have a third eye.

In many ways, Facebook is today’s coffee shop. It is a place to stop after work and have a cold one. It is where you can share your knowledge, network, and maybe even build a relationship. In short, Facebook for your manufacturing company is a tool you should be using. But it helps if you understand the right way to use it.

Many manufacturers try to use Facebook and social media like a traditional advertising vehicle. They want to use it to “sell” their capabilities or products. The reality is social media, like Facebook, is much more effective when you use it to demonstrate your capabilities. It is where you can showcase your knowledge and experience. When done sincerely and genuinely, prospects will seek you out.

If you create a Facebook page that is designed to help potential customers, you will be surprised how prospects will be drawn to you. The goal of social media marketing is demonstrating your capabilities to the point where people want what you have to sell, or certainly will ask your advice. That is a very good position to be in. The fancy term is “inbound marketing”.

Look, we understand there was a time when people kept their manufacturing secrets “close to the vest”. Today however, the internet has just about everybody’s solutions available. You are better served by helping your clients and prospective clients with your knowledge and experience and position yourself as the expert that people turn to. Simply put, create a inbound marketing campaign to constantly demonstrate your manufacturing expertise online, including a B2B Facebook strategy, and you will improve your customer base. Forget about the hard selling and the “closing techniques”.

We will be glad to help if you want to grow your manufacturing business with proven inbound marketing techniques. Facebook for a manufacturing business? Absolutely…when done appropriately. Contact us today to learn more.

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