Five 21st Century Techniques for Effectively Handling Sales Objections

While the digital world offers many great advantages to the salesperson, it does introduce some new challenges to handling sales objections. When you could walk into a meeting and start off with a handshake, it was easier to visually gauge your prospects reactions and tailor your responses to certain objections. However, when your sales presentation in our present era is more or less done online (and at 2.a.m when your prospect is searching for answers!), those objections may present special challenges.

Prepping for the Expected Objections

Fortunately, you can prepare for the most common objections and turn the disadvantage back in your favor by using well-thought out techniques. Review the 5 methods below, and you’ll be ready to deflect those objections and end your online and offline calls with a close:

  • Objection 1: “No thanks, I’ll get back to you”   Issue: When your prospect uses this dodge whether it be via phone or email, they may well be thinking they will do their own research online.  Solution: When you know your offering stacks up well against the competition, be prepared with an objective competitive matrix with the research already done. Offer to send it and win the day.
  • Objection 2: “I don’t have time, I’m facing a big deadline”  Issue: The prospect is really too busy or is too disorganized to effectively schedule. Solution: Ask permission to call back, and your CMS to immediately schedule the follow up. You can also ask permission to send a calendar request to their digital calendar system (if they use one, be prepared to offer a recommendation if they don’t).
  • Objection 3: “Just give me the details (before you’ve had the chance to present your value proposition)  Issue: They think they know what they need based on competitors or their own bias. Solution: Deflect with something such as “That’s a great question that we can easily answer because (provide your short value proposition). Do you have the time now to address those details, or can we schedule a better time? (See 1 and 2 above.)
  • Objection 4: “I have nothing left in my budget.”  Issue: Either the prospect is telling the truth or they’re using this as an easy out. Solution: Be ready for this by 1) showing how your offering is accessible as a no-obligation trial (if available) 2) If this is a real, current problem, find when the budget review/cycle allows new expenditures and offer to call back to provide information for the process. 3) Offer to conduct a cost-benefit analysis to show how your offering actually saves money/generates revenue.
  • Objection 5: “We’ve got a good solution that works and we’re happy with it.” Issue: This is a sign of complacency and/or someone who thinks they are happy with the current provider without understanding what they’re missing.  Solution: Affirm their position and indicate you’re glad they have something that works. Then, point out how rapidly the market is changing and how you’ve proven to other supposedly happy customers how your product/service improves on their current solution by price, features and benefits.

As in most areas of life, a little preparation in handling sales objections goes a long way, take advantage of all the collatoral your marketing department is creating and invite your prospects to learn more about your business at their leisure. By combining your offline and online sales presentation, you will create a winning combination that prospects are attracted to and ignites business growth.


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