Friday Handshake Report: (1) Missed Call



When was the last time you received a promotional email from a business that you just had to open?

I know.

They are few and far between.

Last weekend, I received an email from a children’s clothing store with this subject line:

(1) Missed Call.

Now a few things on this email that makes me think they definitely knew their target audience.

a. I received it early evening on a Saturday (7 p.m.- 8 p.m.) …  i.e. most mom’s with young kids are probably home at this time…and 1 missed call may be our only exciting thing that happens for the evening!

b. And if I am a mom who happens to be out on Saturday night – I am gonna look at this! Is it an emergency? The babysitter? The husband?

c. They know that 54% of email is now opened on mobile devices. And the hook for opening email on mobile? The subject line.

Now logically my brain told me that Yahoo mail does not have (1) Missed Call. But the other side of my brain told me, you need to open this – (1) Missed Call is not to be…well missed. And really the email was not misleading they were just phrasing in a captivating way that I was gonna miss the call of this great promotional deal.

When was the last time your email subject line was captivating enough to guarentee an open rate – if only out of curiousity?

It may be time to apply this phrase to your email marketing subject line – Go Bold. (or Go Home.)

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