Friday Handshake Report: 10 Productivity Hacks

With Inbound 16 right around the corner, this has been one week where productivity has taken center stage.

What is INBOUND 16?

It is more than just another conference. It is the INBOUND conference. If you are a marketer interested in inbound, marketing, social, content…well the list goes on…it is the conference to be at. Hosted by Hubspot, located in Boston, attracting 14,000 + attendees and speakers such as Gary V., Serena Willimans and Alec Baldwin.

Why must this week be productive?

To truly immerse myself in learning and networking at Inbound – I need to get everything next week done this week! So now you see my thought process. There are a lot of productivity tips out there for successful people to abide by – but because everyone is different here are mine!

My top productivity hacks:

1. Don’t sleep (or seriously cut back, who really needs 7 – 8 hours?!).

2. Make a long to – do list (preferably on hot pink sticky notes)

3. Drink loads of coffee (but supplement with vitamins).

4. Talk signfigant other into driving to all kids activities, so you can bring laptop and work in the car to and fro.

5. Urge co-workers on slack to send information to complete projects.

6. Put on chill music such as Lumineers, Passenger and Avett Brothers to tune out any other distractions.

7. Make another to do list with due dates on Teamwork, set daily reminder email to be sent.

8. Squeeze in a workout and mid-day fresh air to clear the mind.

9. Raid the kids Halloween stash for a candy buzz (just kidding…ok maybe not).

10. And my top productivity hack: Just Breathe. Because reality is, not everything is going to get done. And that is life. So enjoy the moments and tell yourself it will all work out (but internally still stress about it and work your tail end off because well you are a SUPERHERO).

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