Friday Handshake Report: 3 Ways to Reach Your Digital Marketing Goals


What you missed this week on 21 Handshake: 


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Everything You Need to Know About a Facebook Dark Post

Dark posts are for those who have or are looking to implement a more complex marketing strategy. Find out what exactly a dark post is and its benefits it has on your Facebook marketing. Interested in implementing dark posts but arent sure how? Don’t worry, you cover that too.


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Pros vs. Cons of Website Push Notifications

If one of your marketing goals is to build email lists, than you may want to consider adding push notifications to your website. But are they right for your brand? In this blog we go over all the pros and cons of push notifications to help you determine if they could benefit your strategy.


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What Not to Do: Instagram Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Instagram is a great digital marketing tool for brands but there are rules to ensure you dont get shadow banned. In this blog, we cover some best practices that arent always obvious. These tips will guide your instagram strategy to achieve your goals.


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