Friday Handshake Report: 4 Ways to Boost your Social Media Marketing


This week on the blog share our favorite social media insight, tips and tricks to boost your social media marketing strategy. Have some insight that we didnt cover this week? Share your thoughts and advice in the comments below! 

What you missed this week on 21 Handshake:

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Instagram Mafia and the Explorer Section: Is This the Future of Instagram Success?

It wasnt too long ago that Instagram launched a new algorithm that changed the order you see peoples photos. How has this affected those who conduct thier business through instagram and what are they doing about it?


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Lacking Conversions on Your Facebook Ads? 5 Proven Strategies

Make sure your Facebook ads arent falling flat. Increase your conversion rate with this checklist for your Facebook ads.


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How to Create a B2B Marketing One Liner That Sells Your Product

Take your business elevator pitch down to a one liner. Don’t have one? Read Wednesday’s blog to find out how to create your own and why its important.

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Increase Engagement with these Facebook Marketing Hacks

This blog shares 5 REAL marketing hacks for your Facebook advertising strategy and increase engagement. It’s time that people get some real tricks to use when updating their Facebook strategy, and we’ve got a few Facebook marketing hacks about just what you can try to improve your engagement numbers.


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