Friday Handshake Report: 4 Ways to Master Your Content Marketing


What you missed this week on 21 Handshake: 


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Facebook Video 6 Reasons the First 3 Seconds are Vital to Success

With attention spans getting shorter and video content on the rise, it is imperitive that your first few second grasp your audiences attention if you want any chance of making an impression.  Find out why and how to master video content marketing in Monday’s blog


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6 Unique Ideas for Evergreen Content Success

In the past we have explained the importance of having evergreen content in your content marketing strategy if your struggling to come up with content that sticks, you’ll want to check this out. We share our favorite evergreen content ideas that you can use for your brand. 


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3 Key Parts to your Mobile Business Strategy

Google wants you to be focused on your mobile marketing. If you want to keep up with the ever changing search engine platform, you’re going to want to these three facts on what google is focusing on. Read them, and then adapt them before your competitors do.

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Short Term vs. Long Term Marketing Strategies: Which is Better?

We live in a world of instant gratification: from movies that stream on-demand to smartphone apps that summon everything from groceries to taxis, all with a few taps of our finger. But a short-term win for your marketing strategy won’t last forever if you don’t have the long-term strategy to back it up.


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