Friday Handshake Report: All Things SEO That You Need to Know


What you missed this week on 21 Handshake: 


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7 Local SEO Mistakes That Tank Your Rank

Giving your SEO strategy a more localized focus has tons of benefits but if it’s not well thought out and strategic, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Don’t be one of those brands! Here are some things to avoid when creating your SEO strategy.


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How to Discover What Social Search Keywords You Should Be Using

Your search strategy shouldn’t just include Google. As we frequently talk about on this blog, social media is a great tool for businesses and brands to use but for more reasons than you might think. Just as people are searching for you on google, many are also searching their social media networks. In this blog we give you seven easy tips to help boost that seach and get your audience engaged.


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How Google Ranks Quality Content

To many, the definition of quality content may seem obvious but Google has a very specific definition. Does your content meet that definiton? Read as we break down each trait your content should have in order to be noticed and ranked by the worlds #1 search engine.


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