Friday Handshake Report: Grab and Keep Your Readers Attention with SEO



This week on the blog we focus on grabbing and keeping your audiences attention as well as boosting your SEO results with better content.

What you missed this week on 21 Handshake:

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Top Facebook Headlines that Elevate User Engagement

Your best content will begin – both literally and figuratively – with a headline, so doesn’t it deserve at least as much attention as the paragraphs that follow?¬†Immedietly grab your readers attention with these tips when creating a headlines.


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How to Find What Your Target Audience is *Really* Searching For

Become the brand people go to for answers by knowing what they are asking online. In this blog post we share our favorite resources to figure out exactly what your audience is googling online and other ways to help increase your SEO results.


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8 Genius Ideas for Your Next Social Media Post

Going through a social creative block? This might just be what you need to help you generate engagement worthy social media content for your brand. These ideas help build brand trust and strengthen the relationship between you and your online audience.

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8 Reasons Evergreen Content Builds Organic Search Engine Authority

Is the content you are currently putting out someting someone a year from now will still find valuable? In this post we argue why evergreen content is so important to your SEO as well as the benefits it has on your digital marketing.



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