Friday Handshake Report: Happy Mimosa! (err, New Year!)



Happy New Year! Perhaps, you are rang in the new year with a toast of champagne or are now celebrating 2016 with a Mimosa brunch. And to that we say cheers! We wish you the best in 2016: business growth & personal happiness!

We thought it would be fun to take a look back at our most popular posts in 2015 in this edition of the Handshake report. Of course, we can’t let a 2015 ‘best of’ post blog go published with giving a ‘shout out’ to Lisa at Cerasis for sharing our 25 Ways to Attract Millennials to Manufacturing Infographic and Dave at Manufacturing Stories for sharing our Strategic Tactics for Manufacturing Business Growth Blog Series. Thanks!




One Key Step to Identify Who Your Customers Really Are
Identify who your customers really are by creating a buyer persona with the Makemypersona marketing tool.


Shhh…The Secret to Business Success
The secret to business success will inspire you to embrace your next opportunity.

How to Ignite Your Manufacturing Business for Growth
Get new ideas for business growth with a measurable content marketing strategy.

Millennials Are Buying Online – And it Might Be Your Fault 

Selling the modern day customer has changed, and you can either get on board or get left behind.


Insights for Attracting Millennials to Manufacturing
If we don’t work on closing the lack of interest and skills gap between millennials in manufacturing, US manufacturers ability to continue to innovate and advance 21st – century capabilities are at risk.


How Long it Takes to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking
What you need to know about how long to wait for your search engine ranking to improve.


Should You Optimize Your Facebook Business Page for SEO

SEO tips concerning how Facebook affects your page rankings, why you don’t need to worry too much about those Likes and the changes coming in 2016.


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