Friday Handshake Report: How To Master Social Media Marketing


This week on the blog we open the tool box and share our favorite tips and tricks for all things digital. From content writing and SEO to social media strategy. Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments what tips you have for others!

What you missed this week on 21 Handshake:

Facebook Vs. Instagram.png

Facebook vs. Instagram Showdown: Which is Most Worth Your Investment?

 When it comes to utilizing social media to promote your business, it comes at a price. So which platform provides your business with the best results? 


topic clusters.png

Topic Clusters: The Impact Internal Links Have on Your SEO

What is a topic cluster? Where do I start? How do I pick the right ones? And how does it benefit me? Find the answer in this blog.


instagram takeover.png

The Anatomy Of Hosting an Instagram Takeover

The complete guide to an Instagram Takeover. In this blog we go over the benefits of an Instagram takeover as well as tips to ensure it runs smoothly.


4 blog phrases for your content reader engagement.png

4 Types of Blog Phrases that Keep Content Readers Engaged

We wrapped up this week with an underrated topic in regards to blogging. Learn how to keep your content engaging with 4 bridge phrases that remind the reader there is a human on the otherside of the screen.



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