Friday Handshake Report: Inbound 16 Experience

Inbound 16 has come and gone.

Some would call it an EVENT not just a conference:

  • Fun
  • Educational
  • Entertaining
  • Star-Studded
  • Everything was AWESOME (if only Lego Emmet had been there…)

But what did we learn? Besides that orange rules, that we are all IN with Hubspot and that we love Boston?

Check out our top 5’s and our video!

Isaac’s Top 5:

  1. The vast majority of your next customers will interact with your current customers… make sure you have a strategy that puts your word of mouth advertising on fire   
  2. The biggest marketing no-no is to not respect the prospects time
  3. Video should be a growing part of your marketing strategy
  4. The true winners in the future will document and storytell the best

Sarah’s Top 5: 

  1. To win at SEO you have to be great at HEO (Human Enjoyment Optimization)
  2. Focus on optimization of content: It’s easier to double your conversion rate than it is to double your website traffic.
  3. Stop trying to inspire interest – inspire attention.
  4. Companies that publish 16+ blog posts per month get 4x more leads than companies that publish 0 – 4 monthly posts.
  5. A Good Content Matrix includes:
    They Ask You Answer
    How To’s
    What is
    Talk about Cost
    Talk about Versus
    Talk about Problems

Emily’s Top 5:

  1. Social Doesn’t change culture, it reveals it.
  2. Quote by Albert Szent Gyorgyi  “A Discovery is said to be an accident meeting a prepared mind”.
  3. Design thinking mindset is made up of: Empathy, Creativity and Collaboration.
  4. 4x as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about i
  5. To change the conversation, you first need to chnage what you measure so you can see the opportunity.

Alek’s Top 5:

  1. 59% of millennials are not a part of the “millennial mindset”, 72% of the “millennial mindset” are non-millennial. Takeaway: it’s the mindset that matters, not the millennials themselves. *also, do not refer to millennials in the workplace as millennials…81% of them find it rude or offensive due to the negative connotation it carries.
  2. Video: When you’re on site, shoot everything…” just because you shoot it doesn’t mean you need to use it today”.
  3. Insourcing: Unless we create it, we don’t value it as much. Everyone needs to be involved in content creation!
  4. Social Video generates 1200% more shares than text and image and combined.
  5. Are you ready to swear in your $%*!ing Marketing? Here’s why it works:Element of suprise
    It might signal confidence
    It could resonate with like -minded
    Brings authenticity
    It can be darn funny
    Adds mojo to your voice 

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