Friday Handshake Report: Instagram Pods Increase Insta-Engagement


I learned about something new today: Instagram Pods. 

Yes, my first thought was POD PEOPLE. Ha, not sure why that phrase just makes me laugh.

But all joking aside. I want to be in an Instagram Pod.

And it also makes sense after reading about these pods, how some people I follow are getting 3,000 + likes on their photos…all the time.

They are pod people. They are part of exclusive Instagram pods. And they are winning the Instagram social media algorithm game.

Social media can be a tough love world. When you can get an ‘in’ somewhere, it helps. It helps with engagement, with reach, with more likss and increased followers. And more followers means more eyes on you…and also the potential to show up in more newsfeeds.

So why not gamifiy the system a bit by joining a pod? It’s what all the cool Instgrammers are doing…

Will you be trying to join an Instagram pod anytime soon?

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