Never underestimate the power of taking time to get to know your prospect.

Because it shows you care.

And yes, we are realistic here and understand that some people won’t care. But a lot of people will.

They will feel important that you took the time to get to know them.

For example, in the last few weeks, we have received two very well done emails at 21 Handshake.

From the same company.

They made us say WOW. That was cool.

The first email was about an awkward handshake addressed to me. I LOVE awkward handshake videos. I opened the email.

The 2nd email was to Isaac. All about Goldendoodles. Now if you know us, we dote upon Isaac’s dog Barry. He is our C.E.O. by the way. The email was well done. It was a soft touchpoint. A little about their company, but mostly about Barry and Goldendoodles. Watch the video here. It’s kinda awesome.

Personalization always goes over well.

How well do you know your prospects?

Here is what you missed this week at 21 Handshake:

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