Friday Handshake Report: Persuasive Storytelling is Alive and Well



This proud mama gets to see her son get Student of the Month for Art today!

Now I know while this may not mean much to you – it got me to thinking.

This kiddo is not know for his artisitic drawings. But he is known for his storytelling.

He is known for his ability to transport you into the story of his child-like drawings. He has done this since he was in preschool (although at that age he somehow convinced his teacher to draw it and write it for him!).


Isn’t that all what we want to do – draw people in through a story, persuade them to listen?

Tell the story of our brand. Draw people in. Make them want to hear more.

That is the essence of storytelling in marketing. And while there are many experts out there that can wax poetic about using their proven formula or worksheet that will make your story awesome. I think…

It starts at the heart.

What is at the heart of your story?

Now tell that. See who will listen.

And those that listen, those are who you want to work with – they have been bought in emotionally to your story and have already been persuaded by ‘your art’ to want to know more.

The naysayers, well your story wasn’t never meant for them. 

To wrap this up, in a day and age of technical gadgets and thinking that all kids are just glued to their ‘screens’ – I am encouraged daily by a younger generation that art and persuasive storytelling are alive and well. Creative minds are still at work, pulling us in through  stories that connect us on an emotional level.

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