Friday Handshake Report: Publishers See Decline in Facebook Traffic

As a consumer, you may or may not notice Facebook’s constantly changing algorithum of what it decides to show in your news feed.

As a marketer, any reported change always raises a red flag, a slight panic and then adopting a new strategy.

As a business, why should the news that top media publishers are seeing a drastic decline in traffic to their news sites from Facebook concern you?

Because it also means that Facebook is not giving your company posts as much visibility either.

In June, Facebook announced that it was ‘building a better news feed’for Facebook users. It would prioritize posts from friends and family.

So how can a business overcome this hurdle?

One idea – Social Media Employee Advocacy. When you engage your employees to share your company posts on their own page – this gives your post a better chance of being seen by more. That’s authentic. And if they take it one step further by sharing your post with some commentary of their own, that’s even better!

As social media channels continue to evolve, marketers, business owners and even users must continually refine how we are using these platforms as a method of communication with customers, prospects, friends and family.

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