Friday Handshake Report: Why We Are “All In” with HubSpot

My brain processes like a deliberate financial-minded business development guy.

My heart gushes people, passion, and emotional connection as the trump (not Donald) card in any situation.

When I created 21 Handshake, the objective was to combine both of these worlds to help clients build more profitable┬ábusinesses. We were not married to any software, any marketing strategy, last tip, or most current fad. In fact, I’ve been quite protective of our approach and critical of many tools in the marketplace that claim enormous upside.

We start with the end in mind and whatever drives the target result is what we do. Period.

Our clients trust our judgement as many of them are new to the Internet marketing landscape. In fact, every client we have on HubSpot had never heard of it before we mentioned it. What 21 Handshake recommends is what they do. A right we’ve earned and something we don’t take lightly!

HubSpot has been a tool we use for a number of clients, but not all. After what I’ve seen at my third Inbound conference, we’re making a shift.

Each client we do business will be introduced to HubSpot…

  • HubSpot is blending marketing, sales, and finance beautifully.
  • HubSpot isn’t asking for marriage after the 2nd date. A simpler free version of the tool will allow prospects to get a taste for it.
  • I can teach my grandfather (87) how to use the CRM. It is super-easy and intuitive.
  • The entire layout of the system is much more user friendly.
  • We can show the entire online/offline relationship of a prospect/client within the tool.
  • Most importantly, it’s what is best for our clients. I believe in the tool, the direction of the company, and the opportunities it will allow for business.

Lastly, HubSpot team members… sorry it took me so long to push in all the chips.

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