Are you looking for the perfect gift for the digital marketer in your life? Well, you’re in the right place! As a full-service digital marketing agency, we have put together a list of products we love and use every day (or would love to get as a gift!). This gift guide offers price points for every budget and is sure to wow the person receiving it. 

1. Portable Power Bank Charger ($30-$50)

Your digital marketer’s mobile device is crucial to their job. Whether it is scheduling social media posts on-the-go, taking photos or videos at a client event or simply being available to answer client questions or concerns at any moment. So a dead battery is a huge stressor. Help them stay charged with a portable power bank charger. This charger has a sleek design and enough power to charge your phone quickly. The multiple USB ports make it so you can charge many devices at once and all at a great price! 

2. Cord Management ($5-$40)

With our laptop charger, multiple headphones, phone charger and miscellaneous cords we are required to have on us at all times are constantly getting tangled in our bag. Help a marketer out by gifting them a cord management system! We love the look of this leather wrap that keeps everything hidden and organized in our bag. 

3. Virtual Assistant ($80-$160)

While it may not be a necessity, we would be lying if we said that we didn’t want an Amazon Echo or Google Home. These virtual assistants can do anything from reading your schedule for the day to playing your favorite tunes, or even answering the most random questions. And this holiday season they have significantly decreased in price! So snag them while they are affordable.

4. Spotify Subscription ($99/year)

Spotify is a cult favorite platform that allows your digital marketer to listen to their favorite podcasts or find a playlist that helps them get in the zone. Trust us when we say that giving them the gift of ad-free listening means more than you know!

5. Macbook ($1,299)

This gift lands on the high-end of our gift guide but a great gift nonetheless! Our job is 90% on the computer so having the latest hardware can be key. Upgrade your marketer’s laptop with this sleek MacBook. Small enough to carry around everywhere but enough storage and power to get the job done.

6. Insulated Coffee Mug ($30)

For those whose productivity is fueled by coffee, this gift is perfect! An insulated coffee mug keeps coffee hotter longer making it a very thoughtful gift for your marketer. While there are TONS of options for these, we love the Yeti brand for its many customization options (and did we mention it’s dishwasher safe?!).

7. The Ultimate Backpack ($114)

If your digital marketer does quite a bit of content creation like our 21 Handshake team, then you know they are always carrying around precious cargo between their laptops, camera gear, mics, and more. Our team loves this backpack for its minimal and sleek design but also its functionality. The padding in this backpack ensures all your marketers precious tech is safe.

8. Notebooks ($10)

While their title may be Digital Marketer, you can never go wrong with paper goods. We are constantly jotting down ideas, making lists, and drawing out concepts. Gift your marketer a nice quality notebook! This notebook is extremely affordable and has the quality your marketer is looking for.

9. Drone ($600-$700)

Would it be a marketing gift guide if we didn’t include some toys? If you really want to wow your digital marketer this year, consider a drone! A drone allows your marketer to get more creative with content creation and getting those stunning aerial shots. We love our drones and is able to provide our clients with a great looking video by incorporating some of those unique shots.

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