Two of the most common ad services in the world are Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. But which is better? That depends on what your current ad goals are! Let’s break down the services and their specialties for better decision-making.

Google AdWords

What is it?

AdWords is the Google ad-selling system for its search engine – you know, the biggest search engine in the entire world. As a result, Adwords is a pretty massive service that allows businesses to run many different kinds of campaigns, based on where they want to see their ads placed.

Search ads, for example, place ads at the top of Google search results if an organic search gets linked to your brand or business name. Display ads put your ads on participating websites in banners, etc. Shopping ads display little product windows if someone is looking for products like yours. There are also video versions of all these placements.

Google, obviously, advertises AdWords as a great success and the perfect solution for small businesses, able to return twice the value spent on it. However, you do have to spend money on it: Adwords tends to cost around $1 to $2 per click, and you also have to spend time managing your campaigns and studying related analytics to gauge success. Adwords is filled with tools to control your daily budget, perfectly time ads, and target very specific audiences.

What’s it great for?

Seeking out more revenue from internet traffic. Here’s the important thing about Google: When people use it to search for a specific internet site, they have a specific goal in mind. When it comes to making a purchase, they are either researching specific products/services, or preparing to buy specific products/services.

So, if you are really focusing on ads that affect your bottom line, then Google AdWords is the best choice you can make. This ad placement is suited toward ads that are trying to sell, and work well when connected with specific product campaigns.

Facebook Ads

What is it?

Ads, but on Facebook! Facebook Ads is one of the most popular paid social advertising services. Take a visit over to Facebook, and you’ll see ads up on the sidebars, as well native ads popping up in the news, plus a few experimental ads on business profile pages. All this ad real estate is governed by Facebook Ads – you can put your ads in any of these spots with the right placement choices.

Of course, this only pertains to Facebook and the Facebook-owned Instagram. You can’t place ads on any search results outside of these services, or on any other social media platform (Twitter, YouTube, etc.). As a result, it’s very limited in scope, although you can still reach massive audiences with the right targeting choices.

On that note, Facebook Ads does offer some pretty great audience targeting and some timing options, but they aren’t as customizable as Google Adwords. On the plus side, if someone is new to ad placement, Facebook Ads are significantly easier to learn…and much less expensive. Advertising costs on Facebook tend to be around $0.27 per click, much lower than Google Adwords.

What’s it great for?

Ads on Facebook can indeed lead to sales, but remember that the average social media user doesn’t go on Facebook with the intent to purchase something. That means that ads will make an impression, but they are best suited for general statements, announcements, and introductions: In other words, brand awareness. If you want people to start noticing and remembering the name of your business, along with what you sell, then Facebook Ads are an excellent choice. They also make a great choice if you put a lot of work into maintaining your Facebook page and have options to buy directly from that Facebook page, which naturally adds more potential value to ads on the platform.

Finally, Facebook could also be a good choice if you don’t have much money to allocate toward new ads, and you want maximum coverage. Since Facebook is far cheaper on average than going with AdWords, it’s a good way to save money.


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