How Your B2B Company Can Utilize Social Media Polls

When should B2B companies use polls to plan their content? If you’ve never tried polling your audience while creating a marketing strategy, now is the time to try it! The nice thing about your target audience is that they already have a pretty good idea what they like – you should have to ask them!

The other good news is that social media tools make it easy and effective to send social or email polls to quickly gather information. If it’s been a year or so since you last asked your audiences what they though (or if you’ve never really tried it before), we have some tips you’re going to like.

Use Built-In Text Polling, Like Twitter Offers

Make things easy on yourself! If your brand is active on Twitter, then you can use the popular Twitter Poll tool to create a quick poll that offers multiple choice to garner opinions. This kind of fast polling does have limitations – you’re essentially restricted to only a line of text for each option, and the poll may not get noticed by all your Twitter audience – but they’re a great way to get more casual data for forming a marketing strategy. You can also generally use them more often than longer, more intense polls.

Of course, if you are active in the social world (and we trust you are), you might think Twitter polls mostly belong to memes and casual celebrity questions. Don’t worry, B2B companies can use these polls too: Just remember to keep your language professional. It’s also a good idea to stick strictly to questions about your marketing content. Try to avoid personal sorts of questions about the audience itself.

For a More Visual Option, Try Out Instagram

If you have a marketing or product design choice that’s more visual (which color is better, which size is more useful, which doodad should go on the thingajig), then you should turn to Instagram! Instagram allows you to create a poll for all your followers in Instagram Stories to get some quick feedback. This polling option only allows for two choices, so it’s a little limited, but by including photos you can give immediate visual reference, which may be invaluable for certain decision making. Give it a try and see how responsive your audience on Instagram is!

Obviously good photos are very important to make this type of polling a success. Make sure you create a vivid Story that clearly shows the differences between the options you are discussing. Get input from a few other people before you publish, just to make sure nothing is confusing about the image that you choose. A high-quality, high-resolution shot is required.

Need to Go More In Depth? Facebook Polling Is Your Answer

Facebook offers both a basic polling option within the social platform, and a separate app for more dedicated app creation that’s guaranteed to work with both mobile and desktop devices. Facebook poll features allow you to add photos of GIFs to your polling options, and provide a detailed question so that viewers understand just what you are asking. You can also set the poll to run for a specific length of time (although you can’t pay to promote it). When finished, you can run charts to break down responses and see just what your Facebook audience thinks.

While this type of poll takes a little longer to create, it also offers a lot of benefits. The combination of text and images, with ability to share the poll with others, make these Facebook polls well suited for getting plenty of responses and growing your brand awareness. Plus, you can ask more complicated questions without being afraid that viewers won’t really understand what you are saying.

However, as with the other platforms, Facebook polling works best when you have a significant Facebook audience to pull responses from. Like other posts, the poll may get lost in the news feed, so timing is also important. If you want the most complete polling, try to run polls on as many social platforms as you can!

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