How Content Marketing Empowers Your Sales Team to be More Effective

Your marketing campaigns have a wide variety of goals: boosting brand awareness, generating web traffic, and generating a list of leads are all trackable, important metrics. However, the end goal for any marketing tool is to increase sales and generate revenue. If marketing isn’t having a positive effect on the bottom line at some point down the line, then it simply isn’t effective enough.

Used properly, content marketing is the perfect tool to help create a better sales team. All you need to do is strategically align your content with modern day sales team. Here are some practical tips:

 Align Content With the Sales Funnel

Content marketing can be used to target prospects at any stage of the sales funnel. No matter where the majority of your leads are in the sales cycle, make sure to tailor your content to their specific needs. You can use SEO-heavy blogs to pull in leads that haven’t heard of your brand yet. Product videos can be used on your website to convert prospects further down your funnel. To improve customer retention, you can create a series of follow-up emails or a newsletter.

Take Advantage of Analytics

Content marketing gives you a terrific opportunity to figure out exactly what your audience cares about. If a prospect downloads a how-to guide about a particular subject, sales knows exactly where they stand. A rep can reach out to them with a game plan already in place.

Your data is also a great way to help score and prioritize leads. Certain topics may lend themselves to clients who tend to be more profitable or easier to convert. Your sales team will be able to spend their time on the most important prospects while you work to move the rest of the leads further along the funnel.

Talk to Your Sales Team

If anybody in your organization could use more marketing tools, it’s the sales team. Unfortunately, the average modern day sales team doesn’t use 65% of the content generated by marketing. That’s a huge disconnect!

Take the time to talk to your sales team. Ask them which objections and customer issues they run into most often, then generate content around those topics. They’ll have a stable of useful tools and you’ll have a more successful content marketing campaign.

If you’re interested in learning how to generate profitable sales, make sure to download our Mitten Marketing Guide by clicking here. You’ll learn how to make a better sales team, cultivate opportunities with existing customers, and much more!

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