The LBM industry – and construction as a whole field – is going through an important transition these days. Older professionals are beginning to leave the industry, and more employees from younger generations now have the experience and availability to take their place.

Obviously this means a lot of changes for account managers and sales, but it also poses a unique problem for companies: There’s a serious labor shortage in LBM, and that can make it difficult to attract the right talent, especially when the applicant pool is often smaller than it may have been a generation ago.

So we’re going to take a moment to discuss how digital marketing can be a powerful resource in recruiting, and may help manage the gap between employment needs and current hiring results. Take a look!

Tell a Story to Grow Your Employer Brand

We know this sounds a little vague at first, but stick with us. Your employer brand is how younger applicants will see your company. For newer generations, this especially means how your brands appears on social media. What do you say about yourself? What do pictures of your business and employees tell about the type of workplace it is? How easy do you make it for guests to learn more about the company and hiring opportunities? These and more fit into your employer brand, the story you are telling about your company. This is a huge decision factor for younger professionals. It may be time to audit your site and social media from an employee perspective!

Keep Up with Online Reviews and Activity

When applicants are online looking for work, they are paying a lot of attention to the social media reviews that they see, and how active the brand is on social media – how it’s responding to comments, questions, and posts. These two factors also make up a lot of your employer brand. Friendly, frequent comments and good reviews are a great way to impress applicants, in addition to their many other benefits.

Make Applying Online Easy

Many companies are still learning how to do this, so you can gain an advantage over competitors by making your application process obvious and easy. Facebook offers its own application tools, but there are many other online services that provide customized applications that make smart use of autofill to improve the application process (and can also make weeding through applications easier). Whatever you choose, make sure your application process is online, even if it’s a simple resume upload, and make sure it’s very easy to find with a quick stop by your site or social media.

Build an FAQ for Interested Applicants

Create an FAQ for those who may want to apply to available jobs! Target this FAQ specifically at the audience that you want to find the best talent, and be as honest as possible. Answer questions about workplace compensation ranges, perspective on diversity, what the company thinks about its employees, what events they can expect, and anything else that they might want to know. When you advertise for applicants, advertise this FAQ as well so that people know what to expect.

When In Doubt, Focus on Growth Opportunities

Young, talented professionals love to see growth opportunities at a business (well, they love great compensation even more, but we work with what we have). Make sure you mention what people can learn in a position, how they can growth, and what long-lasting experience they can develop. Practical growth is best, like apprenticeship programs, certifications, and so on.

Step Outside the Box and Use Social Media Like Instagram

You may be surprised the number of young professionals on social media like Instagram, and how effective these sites can be at meeting and engaging new talent. A big reason is the visual nature of the Instagram, where you can easily show pictures of employees, your workplace, interviews with managers, company events, and other things that will give people an excellent view of your company and help them make up their minds.