How to Build a Meaningful Social Media Call To Action

We love talking about how to make exciting, engaging social media content! But we also understand that your social media work needs to get the job done – literally. Which is why it’s also important to consider the mechanics of your social media content, especially the Call to Action (CTA) that you use to bring people into the sales funnel. How does that work on social media? Let’s take a look.

Making CTAs and Social Media Get Along

At first glance, CTAs may seem a little at odds with the purpose of social media. Most of the work we do with social media is about engaging people in a natural, friendly way with content that they find interesting. It can feel tough to fit in a call to sign a web form, or download an article, or visit a product page. And that’s okay! It’s always important to make sure that CTA’s don’t turn people off or distract from your social media content message. We’ll go over a few tips we’ve found particularly useful for managing this balance.

Where Do You Want People to Go – And What Do They Need?

You have two primary options with your social media CTAs: Encourage people to stay on the social platform, or encourage them to leave and visit your website/other content. Both options have advantages. Getting people to complete a CTA on social media is generally easier, and it’s a great way to get more contacts following your business page, viewing your products on social media (and even completing sales), joining your Groups, and so on. However, depending on your organization, you may not have a lot CTA options on social media – and they may not get people as far down the funnel as you would like.

You second option is using a CTA to draw contacts away from social media somewhere else. This is great for click-throughs and other metrics, although generally a little harder to accomplish. It also makes it easier to immediately lead people to your product pages, or get some very valuable web forms filled out, etc.

If you aren’t sure which CTA to use, consider carefully what your audience needs. Why are they following you on social media in the first place? How do they make decisions? Are they particularly active on social media themselves, or do they prefer to do serious business elsewhere? These questions will give you a clue.

Always Combine CTAs with Great Content, Even on Social Media

It may seem obvious, but don’t make a social media post that’s just a CTA! No one likes seeing those in their news feed. Always combine a CTA with other excellent content. Photos and video are particularly good at this, since they can provide a powerful visual reason (your product being used, people having fun, a puppy dog on the front desk, etc.) to read the CTA and check it out.

Remember The Sense of Urgency

With limited space in social media, it can be harder to create a sense of urgency than on other platforms…which means you need to get a little creative. First, remember that just a couple words here and there can help hint at urgency: Slipping in a “now” or “today” in your CTA won’t hurt anything, and helps make it clear that you want an immediate response.

Second, don’t be afraid to capitalize on the fleeting nature of social media. Saying something like, “If you are seeing this, you have a chance to sign up for our discount before the event ends!” will help remind audiences that the CTA may not be available if they wait.

One Last Tip: It’s Okay to Repeat CTAs on Social Media!

If you create a CTA on a landing page, it’s there until you choose to remove it. On social media, your CTAs get lost down the news feed pretty quickly – which actually gives you an advantage. Don’t be afraid to repeat your CTAs several times throughout a campaign to reach new viewers! You can even mix and match, repeating your important CTAs but with different kinds of content. This will help boost your results without the need to create a new CTA with every post.

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