How to Discover Influencers on Snapchat

Oh, Snapchat: You’re a growing channel, you have a lot of useful, real-time content, and you excel at reaching younger, up-and-coming professionals – but sometimes you just aren’t easy for a business to use.

It makes sense. After all, Snapchat was designed for excitable teenagers, not companies. But this photo-sharing app has grown far beyond its original purpose, allowing many brands to organically distribute content in a conversational way.  The key is using it correctly, which brings us to one of the most common Snapchat complaints: How in the world do you find influencers on snapchat? The process to gain Snapchat influencers is far more opaque than something like Twitter. It’s an early roadblock, but we’ve got a few bulldozer ideas for you to push past the challenge:

Tip 1: Google Search is Your Friend

The best way to find Snapchatters is one at a time – which sounds laborious, but actually makes it pretty easy as long as you are consistent. When you make a contact, lead, partner or friend in your industry, simply give them a quick search on Google with “Snapchat” (quotes included). You see, many professionals these days include their Snapchat handle right along with Twitter and Facebook information. Because Google picks up results from Facebook, YouTube and other sources, it’s a great way to quickly check to see if there’s Snapchat contact info anywhere for the contact you’ve just made.

Tip 2: Check Your Current Followers

Turn to your Twitter and Facebook followers! A portion of them no doubt have Snapchat as well. You already have access to their profiles: Zip through and look for contact information, or search for their names and Snapchat handles in Google as we just suggested. Either way, these lists should be one of your first starting places. Note: If you have an email list, consider sending out a group email announcing your intent to share exciting content via Snapchat and asking for any handles, as well as providing your own!

Tip 3: Like A Blog? Make a Note

When readying news, blogs or thought pieces, you are likely to come across an article you particularly like, something that resonates with you – maybe even an author that you want as a lead or a guest writer. This is an excellent sign to search for more contact information, including Snapchat. Sometimes this info will be in the bio, but sometimes you might have to look elsewhere or send a direct message. If a blog or article really catches your eye, the extra effort here is probably worth it: Social Media Examiner has a good article on effective ways to partner with respected contacts like these.

Tip 4: Start a LinkedIn Conversation

Let’s be clear: Asking directly Snapchat info on LinkedIn is impolite – and pretty weird. But if you are engaged in a conversation or a discussion around an article that someone shared, it’s a good idea to link up with the people you find engaging and look at their profiles for further contact information. The added bonus here is that these tend to be professionals who are willing to embrace Snapchat for brand engagement, which can create some healthy Snap-communication.

Tip 5: Ask an Expert

Look, sometimes you’re too busy to do all this searching and listing. We get it. That’s why we’re also going to suggest going to an expert for this. A marketing agency can comb through your contacts and followers and get Snapchat followers for your business. You miss out on some of the connections you could make if you searched yourself, but you gain that much-desired list while still having time to work on your own projects.

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