How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page in 15 Minutes (or Less)

Earlier this year, we shared the secrets for making your LinkedIn company page shine with LinkedIn showcase pages. Showcase pages are an absolute essential for every business that sells more than one product or service, or has more than one target persona. With showcase pages, you can create and publish content that’s dedicated to a single mission: engaging customers or clients around a specific product or service.

But once your showcase pages are live, don’t call it a day just yet. From keyword optimization to hyperlinked banners, these simple tricks take just minutes to set up– and can have a major impact on lead generation, brand awareness, and talent recruitment:

Here’s how to optimize your LinkedIn company pages in 15 minutes or less:

  1. Add hyperlinked banners

    Companies can use unique banner images for their main company profile page and career tab. Use these images to serve targeted content, showcase a new product, or attract top industry talent. Steer clear of blatant promotional material that borders on spam (e.g., “Limited Time Sale Happening Right Now!”) and instead focus on delivering high quality content to your followers or building enthusiasm for a career with your company.

    Moz’s home page banner image promotes its upcoming online marketing conference, MozCon.


    Microsoft’s careers tab, for example, includes the powerful message “be one who empowers billions” and links directly to the company’s main career hub.


  2. Optimize for keywords in your company description

    Just like your personal profile page, keywords can make the difference between standing out at the top of LinkedIn search, or being buried at the bottom. And it’s not just LinkedIn search that matters. Your company page can (and should) be coming up in Google’s search results. Google will automatically crawl your company’s LinkedIn page and may even favor it in search results– if you have the right optimized content.

    Good news: the same principles for search engine friendliness that apply to your website apply here. This starts with keyword-rich sentences in your company description. Focus on the first sentence. Google’s search will preview up to 156 characters, so get your keyword phrases in here.

    Next, optimize for search within the LinkedIn network. Get inside your searchers minds: what type of specialties are they searching for on LinkedIn? Are they looking for a specific type of industry expertise? Are they researching career opportunities? Ensure the content you post speaks to these needs.

  3. Add a “Follow Us” button to your company website.

    Add a the “Follow Us” icon to your website to generate instant brand engagement. Make it simple for users to stay connected to your company. Click here for LinkedIn’s developer code to generate the button for your company page. Pro tip: add buttons to your website’s products and services pages that link back to your Showcase Pages, too.

    Linking to your LinkedIn page from you website will help boost your company page in search ranking. Ask your employees to add your page to their current work experience, too.

  4. Double engagement with video updates.

    Let’s face it: text-only updates are pretty dull, even if you are linking to an interesting article or include a great image. Links to YouTube videos, which play directly in your feed, can double post engagement as measured by likes, shares and comments, reports Buffer App. Videos result in a 75% higher post share rate.

    Don’t stop there: double your comments by asking questions and posting images. Posts with images generate 98% more comments than posts without, reports LinkedIn.

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