How To Turn From Zero To Hero with these Blogging SEO Tips

Blogging is a little bit like running (bear with us): After doing it for too long, your form gets sloppy and you are in danger of doing more harm than good. Part of our job is to notice bad habits and bring them to your attention so you can benefit! Blogging SEO is an excellent example, because if you get lazy in your blogging, it simply won’t improve your page ranking. So make sure your blogging form is the best it can be with our latest SEO reminders!

 Seven Zero to Hero Tips Blogging SEO Tips

Continually Pick Strong Keywords: In this case, our “keyword” is continually, because you have probably already read a lot about picking the best possible keywords. For a business blog, it can be tempting to pick a few keywords at the start of your blog and constantly use them. But if you repeat keywords too many times over and over, Google starts to frown on your site. For every new blog post you want to create, make sure that 1) your keyword phrase is tailored to that particular article, and 2)¬†that you use the keyword phrase several times throughout the post and in your title/tags, but no more than that to avoid overcrowding. Follow these basic rules for every post, and your SEO should stay strong.

Keep Content Fresh: We have mentioned this before, but it’s important to supply your blog with regular new posts. There are a couple important reasons to do this. First, you want your readers and influencers to constantly keep your brand in their minds, if only in the back, so it’s important they see new post notifications at intervals. Second, Google doesn’t really care how big your website is, but it does care about how often you post new content, because it shows you are moving forward and exploring new topics. Fresh content will benefit your SEO.

Use Synergy with Other Blogs: One of the best advantages a blog has over other types of online content is that it invites synergy – we know you may be tired of that word, but it can make a real difference here via guest bloggers, shares between friendly bloggers, shares from influencers, and other ways of spreading that word that are becoming increasingly common in the B2B world. Search engines like to see that you are trading posts and sharing articles with other blogs, because it fosters community. It’s also a great way to improve your content and link SEO.

Link Wisely: Guest blogging and sharing synergy with other blogs is a great way to grow your backlinking, which in turn will grow your SEO strength. However, this is only one good linking practice. You should also share content and ask your advocates for reposts on forums and social media. When you create a new post, make sure to also add it to your email campaign so all your email list will know (this is fine every week or so, but don’t spam your email list with updates to avoid annoying your clients!).

Create Social Media Feedback: Blog feedback can be a complex issue. It involves both direct comments and social media comments, and there is some overlap. If you really want to improve your SEO, you can create hospitable commenting options on both social sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and on your own blog. There are three tips we have to this approach. First, make sure you have easy share buttons on your blog for all the social channels that your customers use. Second, make sure the comment system that you use on your blog is friendly, efficient, regularly updated, and can repel spam with ease. Third, when you share posts on social media, don’t be afraid to ask viewers for thoughts or comments!

Include Mobile Compatibility: Because so many people – even in the B2B world – are starting to use tablets and other mobile devices to explore content, mobile compatibility is a big part of ensuring your blog is active, frequently viewed, and frequently shared. A popular option for many companies is “responsive design” which automatically customizes content for the device being used. There are other mobile solutions, but you can see why this solution is attractive for many businesses: Make sure you have some sort of mobile compatibility!

Write Well: This point is often underestimated by businesses interested in pushing content. What makes your customers decide to read – decide to share – decide to enter the sales funnel because of your blog? It’s the writing: From the first glance at a title or headline to the meat of the article, writing is very important to your blog’s long-term success. This is where thought leadership, humor, succinct ideas, and other important writing and marketing techniques need to be used.

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