How To Use Content Marketing as a Conversation Starter For Your B2B

Developing a strong content marketing strategy is a leap of faith. You usually won’t see an immediate impact on conversions or sales as soon as you start focusing on content. Instead, you need to let your content simmer a bit, slowly growing your audience and building your brand in the background.

When your content finally starts to take off, there are lots of measurable results that positively affect your business. However, not all of these results can be tracked. One of the most important things content marketing does is start conversations about you with your audience. It brands you as an expert.

Below, we’ll discuss why these discussions are important, and how your B2B content actually builds authority.

Why is Authority Important?

When you become an authority on a topic, your audience starts actively seeking you out. Blog articles will get shared more often, people will search for you regularly, and referrals will increase. All of this leads to a significant boost in search engine optimization, giving people even more chances to find you organically. Sales and conversions will skyrocket.

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. People like to partner with companies that they know and trust. It’s why giving out consistently useful free content is a great strategy. If you’re looking for a pest control company, for example, you’re likely to reach out to the local company that posted a useful article on repelling mosquitos. You see them as experts in the subject, and you don’t want to risk hiring somebody who won’t get the job done.

Content marketing makes you that expert for your audience.

Building Authority With Your Content

When you’re able to solve problems and answer questions with content, you’re becoming an expert. The more useful your content is, the more authority you’re building. Here’s how you can make sure your content is building your authority as much as possible:

  • Figure out exactly who your audience is and what problems they’re facing.
  • Tackle current issues and trending industry topics in order to become a news source.
  • Produce a steady stream of content. The more you have, the more chances you’ll have to start conversations.

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